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Jesus Would Have Failed Seminary

In those institutions where they prepare people to become a priest, pastor, minister or preacher of the Word of God, Jesus Christ would not even have a chance of entering or would fail the examinations, not being allowed to be one of the many clergy members this world presents.

American secularism is growing — and growing more complicated

Americans are getting less “religious,” and do fewer traditionally religious things, such as belonging to a denomination, attending worship services or feeling certain that God exists.

Hillsong Founder in More Hot Water

When we hear of Christian leaders falling into moral failure, we are hardly surprised anymore. The board of Hillsong Church alerted its members that Brian Houston had breached its code of conduct.

May we be “ready” when Jesus returns

Do Jesus’ words come alive in our minds daily with real, committed belief? Actions show what people really believe! All around us are those whose actions show they do not give a moment’s thought to there being a God, who had a Son, who invites them to follow him. We ourselves prove by our wordsContinue reading “May we be “ready” when Jesus returns”

Are you religious, spiritual, or do you belong to a religion, having a faith or interfaith

Many people today feel they have stepped away from religion, and found a way to feed their spirituality without a religion or faith practice.   Religion and its contribution to culture of peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many practice ‘out of religion’ activities and are convinced they have nothing to do with ‘a religion’. But….If theyContinue reading “Are you religious, spiritual, or do you belong to a religion, having a faith or interfaith”

Teach children the Bible

We can pray all day for our children and diligently teach them the Bible, but most important is that in that our kids see us practising what we teach them.

A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for

A LIVING FAITH “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb 11:1 This is a well known quote from Paul spelling out the principles of faith. We have never met Abraham, Isaac, or any of the Patriarchs.  We have never met any of the prophets and notContinue reading “A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for”