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Who or What Are You?

Originally posted on God Everyday:
Every book in the Bible speaks of spiritual beings. Not just God-the-Father and The Holy Spirit, but Christ (before and after His incarnation) Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Watchers (Daniel 4), Disembodied Human Spirits (what remains after physical bodies have died) and, of course, Satan and his followers. Do any of those…

Artificial Intelligence in the Bible (Part One)

Originally posted on GraceLife Blog:
Do we find Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible? I believe we do. The objective of this new series is to see the role AI plays in the eternal plan of God. Intelligence Let’s begin by defining “intelligence” and seeing what types of intelligence are revealed in the Bible. ‘the…

Internal or external devil

On our ecclesial contact form Anthony Buzzard wrote: Can you please explain how the Devil can be internal when in Matthew 4 he is said to approach Jesus from the outside? How can the tempter there mean a temptation from within when he is expressly said to come from the outside? Thanks for your answer.Continue reading “Internal or external devil”