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Not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God but using the bad experiences also to make us grow

The bottom line, in our lives, is not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God.

Being aligned with above

Disney\’s Friends for Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia) To become justified we ourselves do have to act in the right way. We must act justly and we also have to enact it. It’s in our own hands. The word, “Tzedek,” which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.”  The Hebrew word “Tzedaka,” which means “charity,” comes from thatContinue reading “Being aligned with above”

A Living Faith #4 Effort

A LIVING FAITH IN ACTION Effort Prev. > A Living Faith #3 Faith put into action  Faith and works are inseparable; salvation requires both elements to be present and neither of these elements will be achieved without making an effort to overcome the natural tendencies of human nature. It takes an effort to learn andContinue reading “A Living Faith #4 Effort”

A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for

A LIVING FAITH “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb 11:1 This is a well known quote from Paul spelling out the principles of faith. We have never met Abraham, Isaac, or any of the Patriarchs.  We have never met any of the prophets and notContinue reading “A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for”

We are to be joyful in the midst of our trials

Dutch version / Nederlands > We horen vrolijk te zijn in het midden van onze beproevingen   “We are to be joyful in the midst of our trials as the testing of our faith produces patience, something which every one of us can surely use more! Not easy, but worth the effort of trying.” –Continue reading “We are to be joyful in the midst of our trials”