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A particularly difficult document to understand

Concerning Torah, foundational documents and a mode of biblical interpretation prominent in the Talmudic literature.


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Oh! The startling wave of pellucid blue,How caressed the face, the breeze, along which hair and you too flew.How it wafted teasing the land,Turning oysters and carving creatures on the sand.But, alas!Placid blue can rush ruthless on life,Even the gentle breeze can gust wild.The blue may shed the calm,The…

Putin Lies And Manipulates History To Gain Domestic And International Support For His Military Buildup On The Ukrainian Border

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Photo by author: Joyce O’Day. In his July 12, 2021, article, “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” Vladimir Putin provides a thorough, yet slanted, account of Ukrainian/Russian relations. I discovered this article in a comment made by Erik Reich, DC to the story by Lauren Elizabeth, “What’s…

December a joyful time for many

It’s December, which means the holidays are upon us — but how do educators best address them in the classroom?

Who Through Jesus Sleep

Who Through Jesus Sleep By Thomas E Gaston View this Author\’s Spotlight Paperback, 254 Pages This item has not been rated yet   Preview Price: $10.34 Ships in 3-5 business days Who Through Jesus Sleep is a compendium of essays about the mortality of the soul, a compendium of essays about the mortality of theContinue reading “Who Through Jesus Sleep”

Full text of Pope Francis’ Interview with ‘La Vanguardia’

Vatican City, Jun 13, 2014 / 07:00 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In an interview granted with Spanish-language magazine “La Vanguardia” on Monday, Pope Francis lauded Pius XII for his efforts in saving Jews, discussed Orthodox-Catholic relations, as well as the motivations behind his prayer meeting at the Vatican last Sunday. Below, please find the full textContinue reading “Full text of Pope Francis’ Interview with ‘La Vanguardia’”

Those who call the Christadelphians a cult

Glenn Joseph Lea was annoyed at Google for when searching for Christadelphians, the term Christadelphian Cult comes up as one of the search phrases. He should know that shall happen with other smaller religious groups as well. But he has reasons to complain about what he can find on those websites that tell people thatContinue reading “Those who call the Christadelphians a cult”