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Evil “whiteness” stuff is getting out of hand

A visit to Tate Britain is like walking through an Evil White Male hall of shame. Portraits of men linked to empire and slavery have been re-labelled detailing their sins, which range from crushing colonial uprisings to partaking in the trade of human beings.

Governments, media and people clashing over gender issues

For parents, thefeeling of their children that they are in the wrong body is much harder to grasp and to deal with than for outsiders, who are even less able to understand parents when they want to deal with their children’s feelings, circumspectly.

The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 January 18

  By Danny Boyle Good morning. The Education Secretary is to meet union leaders in a bid to avert seven days of strike action over teachers’ pay – as school leaders refuse to ease the pain of walkouts with contingency measures. We have the latest on those talks as well as today’s strike by nurses.Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 January 18”

A particularly difficult document to understand

Concerning Torah, foundational documents and a mode of biblical interpretation prominent in the Talmudic literature.

The Telegraph in the morning of 2022 November 01

The Telegraph’s Frontpage for 2022 November 01

What Is: The Bible as Originally Written

John Welford looks at a claim that does not hold water. The best one can do is to hazard guesses at what those documents might have been like, and that is as far as one can go.

Light in the darkness – 4th of January 1643 and 1809 birthdays

In the 19th century, light entered into the lives of the visually impaired by the way of ordered dots. The 4th of January is since 2019 Braille Day to remember the developer of that reading system.

Identifying Journalism

Originally posted on The News: Journalism or Gossip:
Journalism as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.” A journalist is someone that writes and publishes articles at fall under Merriam-Websters definition of journalism. These articles are are constructed based on…

Russia Interested in Consultations With Israel on Security in Middle East

Russia is interested in continuing consultations with Israel on security and stability in the Middle East region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in the article on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the renewal of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel, published by the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. “We are interested in continuing consultationsContinue reading “Russia Interested in Consultations With Israel on Security in Middle East”