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The Telegraph dispatches from Ukraine 2022 December

Ukrainians fire rockets at Russian positions Credit: AP Photo/LIBKOS The shine has once again been removed from the Russian military By Dominic Nicholls, Associate Editor (Defence) Defence watchers love dates: battles, anniversaries, the first use of a novel weapon, for example. All are guaranteed to come up one year in the bumper Christmas quiz. SomeContinue reading “The Telegraph dispatches from Ukraine 2022 December”

216 days the war in Ukraine goes on

The referendum in the southern regions of Ukraine seems to be a farce,

What do Kazakhstan’s protests mean for the world?

Ed Butler speaks to Diana Kudaibergenova, a sociology professor at Cambridge University and herself Kazakh, about what motivated the protests in Kazakhstan, and whether the apparent ouster of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev plus a host of new economic reforms will be enough to appease the protesters.

2022 Political hotchpotch

The people in Ukraine and Russia have grown weary of the political poker game being played with their futures.

Waking up Kazakh

Originally posted on The Alma Review:
Editor’s note: This piece was written on January 5th, but could not be published until now due to the internet service shutdown in Kazakhstan. What echoes, what doesn’t, what should Protests started two days ago across the country and reached my city, Almaty, on the 4th of January. On…

From a communist country to a capitalist dictatorship

Kazakhstan has seen ordinary city folk who wanted to cry out to the leaders of their nation to bring it back to a dignified and liveable community state.

Almaty ablaze

On the 25th of October 1990, Kazakhstan declared its sovereignty and Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected by the Supreme Soviet as the first president. Low wages of the oil workers in 2011 started a protest wave, which was followed in 2021 by rising food and energy prices.