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Our woke culture and the censor’s red pen

Writers are no safer dead than alive from the censor’s red pen Playwrights like Martin McDonagh are right to be concerned, but we have never respected the wishes of dead authors It says it all about creeping censorship that the genius playwright, Martin McDonagh, is having problems with theatres refusing to do his plays “becauseContinue reading “Our woke culture and the censor’s red pen”

Why Woke? When Will it Wander Away?

Originally posted on Prdude's Blog:
By Edward M. Bury, APR, MA (aka The PRDude)When conceiving the subject for this post, I considered several other titles that could have communicated the same general message: Who Writes Words Like Woke? What Does It Mean to be Woke? Would You Wager On Words Driven by Wokeness? What’s…

Not liked or Hated Questions

When asking around what people do not like to be presented as questions, we can hear a plenty fold of answers. The most unwanted questions are about very personal questions, such as age, partnership, when to have children, but also politics, which party one is for or who to vote for. Further inappropriate is the question about how much one earns and sometimes anyway if one wants to know more about what someone does for a living.

Why censoring Roald Dahl is a dangerous step

We ourselves also do not like the term ‘woke,’ of which it took us a long time before we got to know what it really meant. In any case, we have come to the conclusion that “woke” is a present way of covering up, or to gloss over censorship. It is best for the olderContinue reading “Why censoring Roald Dahl is a dangerous step”

Absurdity of present “woke” rage: The rewriting of Dahl

Even a grand master of playful words and fantasy his lyrics are tackled by the Woke generation and actually raped, without realising the seriousness of that sensibility.

New term names at London School of Economics

The names Michaelmas term, the Christmas break, Lent term, Easter break, seem to come to an end when more schools shall come to follow the London School of Economics.

The Telegraph for Monday 21 November 2022

By Danny Boyle England begin their bid for World Cup 2022 glory today – and face potential Fifa punishments for their on-pitch activism. We have the latest from Doha ahead of the team’s first game against Iran. Kane faces instant yellow card for One Love armband As England prepare for their first Qatar World CupContinue reading “The Telegraph for Monday 21 November 2022”