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2023 March 21-23 Must-read stories

Must-read stories Envy, high praise and an awkward gaffe: what happened when “dear friends” Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met in Moscow as they prepared for three days of talks. Why Xi can’t solve Putin’s Ukraine problem. The Chinese president could have profound influence but questions remain about whether he can, or wants to, endContinue reading “2023 March 21-23 Must-read stories”

What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17

By Matthew Robinson Labour is preparing for a tax raid on up to two million pension pots with a plan to reverse the Chancellor’s decision to scrap the lifetime contributions cap. And Nicola Sturgeon has denied that the SNP is in crisis after it was revealed that more than 40 per cent of the party’sContinue reading “What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17”

The Telegraph Frontpage of Thursday 2023 March 09

By Matthew Robinson The Telegraph’s exclusive investigation, The Lockdown Files, exposes that Matt Hancock was advised to steer clear of Wuhan lab leak comments in his Covid memoirs by the Cabinet Office. And we reveal that Boris Johnson privately warned Dominic Raab about his conduct. By Sam Hall Good evening. The Government has announced thatContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage of Thursday 2023 March 09”

Not liked or Hated Questions

When asking around what people do not like to be presented as questions, we can hear a plenty fold of answers. The most unwanted questions are about very personal questions, such as age, partnership, when to have children, but also politics, which party one is for or who to vote for. Further inappropriate is the question about how much one earns and sometimes anyway if one wants to know more about what someone does for a living.

Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb

Young, precarious, and accustomed to following orders: young ballet dancers were the perfect victims writes Alice Robb in her new memoir, “Don’t Think, Dear”, about her love affair with ballet. Jeffrey Epstein who would go looking for young girls to abuse at New York ballet classes, including at an Upper East Side studio where AliceContinue reading “Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb”

Experiences in life that ‘helped’ me grow

In life, we all shall encounter good and bad experiences. Those shall contribute in the formation of our inner being.

Everywhere I Look, I Read ‘Protection’

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This post is a slight diversion from my usual approach to the blog, but I felt impassioned enough to include it. ‘Protection’ has been a recurring word during this project, and this week I encountered another example which I wanted to touch on, because it relates somewhat to my interests and art…

Absurdity of present “woke” rage: The rewriting of Dahl

Even a grand master of playful words and fantasy his lyrics are tackled by the Woke generation and actually raped, without realising the seriousness of that sensibility.

February 2023 Latest on coronavirus

Covid-19 levels in England have risen for the first time in five weeks, suggesting the virus is once again becoming more prevalent. Children missed more than a third of a year’s schooling during the Covid pandemic and still have not caught up, scientists have said. The world should “calm down” about the possibility of newContinue reading “February 2023 Latest on coronavirus”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 February 02

By Danny Boyle Good morning. Despite more than half of schools being impacted by strike action, support from teachers appeared not to be as significant as feared. Also today, we cover a diversity crisis in the RAF – and today’s expected rate rise by the Bank of England. RAF diversity ‘discriminated against 160 white men’Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 February 02”