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At the borders of the EU, Fighting a war against Russia

Even though Belgium will not provide tanks and F-16s it will provide anti-aircraft guns and trucks. Without cargo vehicles to supply the necessary equipment, an army with many tanks cannot do much either, so in that respect Belgium does benefit Ukraine.

Main news items for the first half of September

Looking at what made the headlines the first half of September 2022

Pseudo-referendum, Kerch bridge in Crimea and Ukraine claiming to retrieve what it owns

Following the explosion at the Crimean Bridge, Putin gave the order to have the largest-scale coordinated missile attack against Ukraine since the full-scale invasion began on Feb. 24.

The Guardian looking at Ukraine one month after the invasion

The Guardian looking at the latest round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and the refugee scheme that had given people “false hope” and amounted to a “gimmick”.

Ukraine from 2022 March 16-20

March 16 The leaders of three EU countries met with Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on March 15 in a show of solidarity as Russian shelling continued on residential neighbourhoods in the capital. Ukraine extends martial law for another month. The Verkhovna Rada has prolonged martial law until April 25, from the initial proposed end dateContinue reading “Ukraine from 2022 March 16-20”

Some highlights of the invasion of Ukraine March 9-16

March 9-10 United States calls Russian disinformation about U.S. biowarfare labs in Ukraine “laughable.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby dispelled on March 9 false claims by Russia that the U.S. is operating a biowarfare facility in Ukraine. State Department spokesman Ned Price said also on March 9 that Russia “is inventing false pretexts in an attemptContinue reading “Some highlights of the invasion of Ukraine March 9-16”

People in Ukraine standing up to Russian troops – BBC News

Videos circulating on social media have shown civilians in Ukraine stranding up to Russian troops. Across the country people have stopped tanks from entering towns and cities, while others have angrily confronted soldiers face to face. **   Find and watch also the video’s at Marcus Ampe’s Space: President Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing a European ParliamentContinue reading “People in Ukraine standing up to Russian troops – BBC News”