Young people at COP26 have to “Stay angry”

Because of worldleaders falling short, youngsters have to keep raising their voices, Barack Obama agrees because the worldleaders have not done nearly enough to address this crisis.

Consistent principles pay of for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, U.S. Congressman (now U.S. Senator) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You may doubt it but it can well help to your credibility to hold on for years to the same ideas. It looks like people are coming to see who can be the more honest politician. Having come to see how Trump is of theContinue reading “Consistent principles pay of for Bernie Sanders”

My faith and hope

I would love if we all could come to see it possible that in this world where there is so much sorrow and pain that we could find people willing to help each other and loving all those around them. It would be nice if we could find growing communities where more people would liveContinue reading “My faith and hope”

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