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Composted Reads for the week of 2023 January 27

Story of the week Revealed: how US transition to electric cars threatens environmental havoc   The US’s transition to electric vehicles could require three times as much lithium as is currently produced for the entire global market, causing needless water shortages, Indigenous land grabs, and ecosystem destruction inside and outside its borders, new research finds.Continue reading “Composted Reads for the week of 2023 January 27”

The eco revolution is stalling when we need it most

Households playing the long game are investing in energy efficiency measures in a bid to manage bills in the future.

Bloomberg reporting on ecological matters end of August 2022

Unprecedented heat waves are melting snow and ice across the planet including in the iconic Himalayan range, where the mountains shelter the largest reserve of frozen freshwater outside the North and South poles. As Archana Chaudhary and Aaron Clark write, the immediate impact has been on Pakistan, where floods have submerged farmland and cities, affectingContinue reading “Bloomberg reporting on ecological matters end of August 2022”


Welcome to The Independent Climate Newsletter, your weekly update from our team of correspondents around the world. Manhattan’s Park Avenue is one of the typically traffic-clogged roads that is closed to vehicles and becomes a haven for runners, cyclists, scooters, skateboarders and more during the annual Summer Streets program each August. Hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “Micromobility”

UK’s path to net zero set out in landmark strategy

The strategies published by the U.K. Government on October 19 build on an ambitious set of existing policies: the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the Energy White Paper, North Sea Transition Deal, Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, Transport Decarbonisation Plan, and Hydrogen Strategy, and the recent landmark commitment to decarbonise the UK’sContinue reading “UK’s path to net zero set out in landmark strategy”