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Writings Liked or disliked

Having worked for several years, as a dancer, and choreographer, while also engaging in spiritual work in the meantime, I also entered art education where I taught ballet history in addition to practical dance classes.

My interest in history was there from childhood and continued to grow during the years when I was also developing my dance archive. This has since been transferred to the Flemish Theatre Institute, as the floors in my rented house could no longer bear the weight and I could no longer continue working on it due to health reasons.

After the personal computer came up with the internet in 1995 and created more opportunities to discuss spiritual matters, I resolved to expand my preaching work on the worldwide web as well.

I started responding to web-forum postings and started creating my own posts. Writing helped me think about certain matters which I thought should not only reach my attention but also the eyes and ears of other people around the world. The advantage of internet is that it also brings articles to my doorstep. Writing about certain aspects or subjects and looking at corresponding tags and categories, I manage to read a lot of impressions and encounter many ideas, worthwhile discussing, and making me seek out comparisons and links with other books, articles and theses I’ve read.
It has become a discipline if you like.

I don’t know who I’m writing for, although I do now know some of my followers, who occasionally comment and feedback on what I’ve written, and whose thoughts and reactions I value, but there are dozens of others who visit various posts, I know not for what reason.

Naturally, I do hope my writings shall be read by more than one person. I do notice I receive readers from all over the world but do not know what brought them to this or one of my other websites. I don’t know whether they like or loathe what they find here or on one of my other websites.

But that does not hold me back from presenting here several press overviews and comments on what happens in our world.

I must confess, in a certain way I do like writing and presenting ideas which I do find important to think about. At the moment I enjoy doing it, so I shall continue, hoping that most people, passing through here, find something useful and of interest.

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