The Guardian 2022 July 25 – July 31

July 25 After the heatwave we’ve had this past week in the UK and beyond, it would be fair to assume that some of your plants are beyond repair. But all is not lost, thanks to this great advice from Jane Perrone on how to revive your crispy plants. So, get watering! Get yourself toContinue reading “The Guardian 2022 July 25 – July 31”

The destructive man and our duty as Christians

When God created the universe He placed man into a beautiful garden (the Garden of Eden or Gan Eden). It was a paradise where everything was ordered and lived peacefully. At a point, when the man could enjoy all those beautiful things around him, the man started doubting God’s integrity and thought God was holdingContinue reading “The destructive man and our duty as Christians”

Climate warrior: Beliefs outside the mainstream

In life it’s important, unavoidable I would say, to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in.  That’s never more true than when your beliefs are outside the mainstream, which mine seem always to have been.   Thirty years ago, I started in wind energy, seeking to build big modern windmills to makeContinue reading “Climate warrior: Beliefs outside the mainstream”

Nimo Omer, assistant editor of First Edition, for you

Good morning. Nimo Omer here, assistant editor of First Edition. If you’re (understandably) very worried about the climate crisis, following the heatwaves sweeping the UK and much of Europe, then here’s a piece that might give you the little bit of optimism you need: Neelam Tailor spoke to the Gen-Zers who think that actually, thingsContinue reading “Nimo Omer, assistant editor of First Edition, for you”

Down to earth’s composted reads for the heatwave period

The extreme heat we’re experiencing globally has no precedent

Guardian Headlines concerning our Climate 2022 July 11- July 17

July 14 Avian flu is plaguing our birds – when will this crisis hit home? Phoebe Weston The pandemic turned many of us armchair epidemiologists. We learned the boring basics of disease prevention, keeping two metres apart in public places, washing our hands a lot and staying at home watching TV. But as the worstContinue reading “Guardian Headlines concerning our Climate 2022 July 11- July 17”

The Week 2022 July 11- July 17

July 11 Leaked Uber files suggest company used covert tech to thwart raids Leaked documents suggest Uber used a “kill switch” and other covert technology to prevent European regulators from examining the ride-hailing company’s business practices as it challenged taxi services around the world, according to more than 124,000 documents known as the Uber filesContinue reading “The Week 2022 July 11- July 17”

2022 First half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green

UK’s Biggest-Ever Renewables Auction Is Also the Cheapest The biggest-ever UK renewables auction has awarded contracts to offshore wind at a record-low price. Putin’s War Threatens Europe’s Ambitious Climate Goals Russia’s invasion has forced several countries to burn more coal and build new gas facilities. Major US Petrochemical Hub Seeks Ban on New Solar Farms OneContinue reading “2022 First half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green”

The supreme court has left the US with no plan for the climate crisis

The US supreme court has restricted the ability of the world’s largest historical carbon polluter to address the climate crisis.

Stories from the climate warrior for the first half of July

Half a year after the Cop 26 climate summit drew to a close, action at the scale and pace needed has not materialised, while warnings about record-breaking heatwaves, sea level rising and climate-related food insecurity are near-daily.   Alok Sharma, Cop 26 president, put it this way.   “Leaders have not done enough to deliverContinue reading “Stories from the climate warrior for the first half of July”

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