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Human composting

Human composting was invented by Katrina Spade, who came up with the idea while researching the funeral industry as an architecture graduate student.

The oil industry operating on a different planet.

Greenpeace activists board a Shell platform headed for the North Sea to expand existing oil and gas on 6th February (AFP via Getty Images)   It increasingly feels like the oil industry is operating on a different planet.   Profit-wise, things have never been better for the fossil-fuel titans. Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell and TotalEnergiesContinue reading “The oil industry operating on a different planet.”

Climate organisations and protesters

One early XR victory was forcing the British government to declare “an environment and climate emergency”, making the UK the first country to do so.

2022 September 30 – Letter from Louise Boyle

Facing the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history.

Ban Ki-moon called for ramping up adaptation measures to climate disasters happening around the world

In the first week of September, Louise Boyle spoke with Ban Ki-moon, former secretary general of the United Nations, about the worsening impacts of the climate crisis and upcoming climate summit, Cop27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

China battles an “unparalleled” heatwave

While China’s net-zero target is a decade later than most countries, it has promised that emissions will peak before 2030, when the country will lessen its appetite for coal and lean into cleaner energy sources.

The climate crisis is exacerbating a two-decade “megadrought” in the Colorado River region

America took a historic step to tackle the climate crisis when President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law the 3rd  week of august. It is, as his former boss President Barack Obama tweeted, a “BFD”.   But the moment of celebration was tempered by news that emerged about an hour before theContinue reading “The climate crisis is exacerbating a two-decade “megadrought” in the Colorado River region”

2022 July 22: 1,900 dead from heat in Spain and Portugal

The deadly consequences of the appalling heat seizing large parts of the world are beginning to emerge. A Union Jack flying among rubble and destruction following a large blaze in Wennington, Greater London this week. Dozens of fires broke out across the UK amid a record-breaking heatwave (Leon Neal/Getty Images) Spain and Portugal have reportedContinue reading “2022 July 22: 1,900 dead from heat in Spain and Portugal”


Welcome to The Independent Climate Newsletter, your weekly update from our team of correspondents around the world. Manhattan’s Park Avenue is one of the typically traffic-clogged roads that is closed to vehicles and becomes a haven for runners, cyclists, scooters, skateboarders and more during the annual Summer Streets program each August. Hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “Micromobility”

Will the world cross a red line in the climate crisis in the next five years

  A boy searches for coins in the Yamuna, the second-largest tributary river of the Ganges, where water levels have dramatically declined amid a devastating heatwave in India (Associated Press) The odds are roughly 50-50 on whether the world will cross a red line in the climate crisis in the next five years, albeit temporarily.Continue reading “Will the world cross a red line in the climate crisis in the next five years”