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Composted Reads at the beginning of June 2023

Story of the week ‘Farming good, factory bad’, we think. When it comes to the global food crisis, it isn’t so simple | George Monbiot The good news More than 5,000 new species discovered in Pacific deep-sea mining hotspot Heat pumps: more than 80% of households in Great Britain ‘satisfied with system’ York groundsel bloomsContinue reading “Composted Reads at the beginning of June 2023”

The weekend of 2023 May 20-21

Jeremy Hunt warns that Britain is at risk of talking itself into economic decline because of a growing sense of “insidious” and “corrosive” negativity. Saturday’s essential news Don’t talk down Britain | Writing for The Telegraph today, the Chancellor warns that critics on the Left and the Right who portray the UK as on theContinue reading “The weekend of 2023 May 20-21”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 March 16

By Matthew Robinson The Bank of England is in emergency talks with international counterparts as the crisis deepens at Credit Suisse. And Gary Lineker believed he had a “special arrangement” with the BBC, his agent has claimed in the wake of the impartiality row. Crisis at Credit Suisse casts shadow over Budget One of Europe’sContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 March 16”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2023 March14

By Matthew Robinson Jeremy Hunt is preparing to raise the tax-free allowance for pensions to potentially more than £1.5m in order to tackle the rising trend of early retirement. And Tory MPs have warned that Gary Lineker is bigger than the BBC after it capitulated to him. By Sam Hall Good evening. Ahead of tomorrow’sContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2023 March14”

2022 Second half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green

Noxious fumes | Dumps and landfills near South Asian megacities are huge emitters of methane, highlighting a major challenge in the global climate fight. More clouds of the greenhouse gas — which has 84 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over its first 20 years in the atmosphere — were spotted in India thanContinue reading “2022 Second half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green”

UK’s path to net zero set out in landmark strategy

The strategies published by the U.K. Government on October 19 build on an ambitious set of existing policies: the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the Energy White Paper, North Sea Transition Deal, Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, Transport Decarbonisation Plan, and Hydrogen Strategy, and the recent landmark commitment to decarbonise the UK’sContinue reading “UK’s path to net zero set out in landmark strategy”

UK convinced they are leading the way in the fight against climate change

To bring the UK more than three-quarters of the way to net zero by 2050 A U.K. government spokesperson said “Given the UK has cut emissions faster than any other major economy over the past three decades, and that we are the first country to legislate to reach net zero by 2050, we stand byContinue reading “UK convinced they are leading the way in the fight against climate change”