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3rd week of May 2023 composted reads

Composted Reads Story of the week World likely to breach 1.5C climate threshold by 2027, scientists warn The good news Plastic pollution could be slashed by 80% by 2040, UN says Chonk the snapping turtle delights locals with Chicago River appearance Chris Anchor, a wildlife biologist with the Forest Preserve District of Cook county, toldContinue reading “3rd week of May 2023 composted reads”

The days of making billions with misleading ‘climate-friendly’ products may be over

Patrick Greenfield The era of vague environmental claims is over, advertising executives declared this week, as the marketing meets the science. Terms like environmentally friendly, nature positive and carbon negative are facing scrutiny from regulators in London and Brussels, with offsetting the subject of special attention. “Misleading environmental claims are under the microscope from advertisingContinue reading “The days of making billions with misleading ‘climate-friendly’ products may be over”

Composted Reads for the week of 2023 January 27

Story of the week Revealed: how US transition to electric cars threatens environmental havoc   The US’s transition to electric vehicles could require three times as much lithium as is currently produced for the entire global market, causing needless water shortages, Indigenous land grabs, and ecosystem destruction inside and outside its borders, new research finds.Continue reading “Composted Reads for the week of 2023 January 27”

Green lending tops fossil fuel for first time

For the first time, more money was raised in the debt markets for climate-friendly projects than for fossil-fuel companies.

Climate Indicators to Watch in 2023

The year 2022 saw the US enact an unprecedented climate bill and countries take bold steps at two United Nations conferences to aid disaster-stricken developing nations and preserve what’s left of the natural world.

About second homes, nice places, finding a son and shopping lists

‘It’s about keeping places alive’: Wales’s radical second-homes policy Measures aim to preserve communities and keep more homes available for locals but critics say they are ‘anti-tourist’ From next year, councils will be able to raise discretionary council tax premiums for second homes to 300% – so a £1,000 bill for a permanent resident wouldContinue reading “About second homes, nice places, finding a son and shopping lists”

The telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2022 November 22

These days, one cannot help but hear many reports about Qatar, human rights and football (or soccer) games.

Composted Reads for 8 November 2022

Story of the day Developing countries ‘will need $2tn a year in climate funding by 2030’ Report says figure required to switch away from fossil fuels and cope with extreme weather impacts. About $2tn (£1.75tn) will be needed each year by 2030 to help developing countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions and cope with theContinue reading “Composted Reads for 8 November 2022”

Will Sunak rebuild green agenda torn up by Truss?

Shall the new PM Mr. Sunak carry on with the previous policies brought forward by the British government or ditch them for the sake of party unity and electability.

Only time will tell if Britain’s new PM has what it takes to confront the biggest crisis of all

Fiona Harvey After a torrid summer of extreme heat, drought and raw sewage on the beaches, forming a suitable background to two months of political brawling, the hard-fought campaign to be the next prime minister of the UK finally ended this week. Liz Truss, the former foreign secretary, took up residence in Downing Street onContinue reading “Only time will tell if Britain’s new PM has what it takes to confront the biggest crisis of all”