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After two underwhelming years, Biden and his EPA take drastic action on emissions

For those who missed it: 16/03/2023 The controversial Willow project is the latest big US oil bender – but may be one of its last Oliver Milman After weeks of fevered speculation, Joe Biden’s administration, almost sheepishly, announced on Monday that it will allow an enormous oil drilling project in the rapidly thawing tundra ofContinue reading “After two underwhelming years, Biden and his EPA take drastic action on emissions”

Is the Top a Flop

We are in an era of upheaval, termed by some as a polycrisis, and Cop27 was never itself going to resolve the biggest of these – the climate emergency. Indeed, the most significant recent progress may well have already happened far from Sharm El-Sheikh, in the form of the American midterm elections and the rapprochement between the US and China, the two world’s largest emitters, on climate issues at the G20 in Bali.

The Guardian headlines about nature for September

About ice sheets

How one US senator’s dramatic U-turn finally gives Biden a chance to confront the climate crisis

Many climate activists want Biden to do more, urging him to declare a climate emergency that would unlock new presidential powers, as well as ban new oil and gas drilling on public lands.

The supreme court has left the US with no plan for the climate crisis

The US supreme court has restricted the ability of the world’s largest historical carbon polluter to address the climate crisis.

How to defuse the ‘carbon bomb’ crisis

As the Guardian’s new ‘climate bombs’ series shows, there are 195 gigantic oil and gas projects underway around the world that would each result in at least one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over their lifetimes, in total equivalent to around 18 years of current global emissions.

Electric cars are no quick fix in this ‘fossil fuel war’

Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has seen the US ban oil imports from Russia and forced a scrambling Europe to put together a plan to quickly wean itself off Russian oil and gas