Intensive agriculture and pesticides

Damian Carrington has been reporting on pesticides for more than a decade, but some revelations really stick in his mind. One was the discovery in 2013 of insecticide pollution in the ditches by Dutch fields that was so bad the water itself could have been used as an effective pest killer. Not surprisingly the impactContinue reading “Intensive agriculture and pesticides”

Russia not wanting it neighbours countries to cooperate with the West

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the tensions around the Ukrainian border did not stop. These days the West could see army movement which strained already tense relations between Russia and the US.

Germany wanting to do something against racism

America and its allies have used 9/11 to wage certain wars, but with their hostilities they have also evoked great fear around the Islamic faith, making many feel threatened by Muslims.
At a time of heightened fear of Muslims, governments must try to allay that fear and stop anti-Islamism. Germany is taking its first steps in this direction.

South African Corona variant endangering the world

Thanks to a combination of infection and vaccinations Britain might be nearer the end of its pandemic than any other country in Europe, whilst those countries are having to face a new more dangerous variant, called B.1.1.529 — which has been identified in South Africa. At present in the UK there are about 1,000 deathsContinue reading “South African Corona variant endangering the world”

Germany blocks Nord Stream 2 pipe from Russia

Putin is trying to pressure Germany to switch on the new pipeline. But Germany has pushed back and delayed it.
Boris Johnson reiterated Britain’s opposition to Nord Stream 2, which would double Russia’s gas export capacity to central Europe but would also enable Moscow to bypass Ukraine.

Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated

Undeniable ruler of European health Nobody can ignore what is raging around the world and has the power to make several people die. On Tuesday, speaking to the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen cited large and worrying disparities in different EU member countries’ vaccination rates. In Bulgaria, slightlyContinue reading “Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Soldiers forcibly preventing migrants entering Poland

There have been chaotic clashes along the European Union’s eastern border as thousands of Middle Eastern asylum seekers, having flown to Belarus on easily obtained tourist visas in a bid to reach Europe, camped on Poland’s perimeter, wanted to cross the Polish border.

Russia reacting to attempts to break ‘strategic parity’

Russia has said it is freezing ties with Nato after relations between the two plunged to a new low over a spying row.

Dangerous climate change is already with us

A big step is made by at least 23 countries that have made new commitments to phase out coal power, including five of the world’s top 20 coal power-using countries?

Europe in Transition?

Originally posted on In the Past and the Present:
Click to enlarge image. One would think, looking at this ‘Political’ map from 1990, that the only big change taking place in Europe at this time was the unification of Germany. Note the use of a single colour for that country despite a line separating ‘EAST’…

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