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The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 May 22

By Daniel Hardaker Supporters and allies of Suella Braverman fear that questions over her conduct are intended to discredit her as she attempts to tackle net migration. Meanwhile, friends of Phillip Schofield claim the presenter is “heartbroken” over his exit from This Morning. Suella Braverman ‘victim of smear campaign’, allies claim Allies of the HomeContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 May 22”

New satellite images reveal scale of Bakhmut destruction

World news: Wagner fighters ‘like rats into a mousetrap’ in Bakhmut Wagner mercenaries are advancing through Bakhmut “like rats into a mousetrap”, the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces has said, as Kyiv’s troops appear to be attempting a double envelopment of the eastern city. Ukraine has wrestled back about 7.7 square miles on the northernContinue reading “New satellite images reveal scale of Bakhmut destruction”

2023 March 14 Ukraine update

Around the world: Wagner mercenaries behind latest migrant wave, claims Italy Russia’s Wagner mercenary group is using migrants and refugees as a means of “hybrid warfare”, driving thousands across the Mediterranean in order to punish Italy for supporting Ukraine, the Italian government has said. There has been a surge in the number of migrants reachingContinue reading “2023 March 14 Ukraine update”

Ukraine What we know on day 383 and day 384 of the invasion

Ukraine invasion At a glance What we know on day 383 of the invasion Ukrainian soldier shot dead on camera is awarded Hero of Ukraine honour; Georgian PM warns Kyiv to stay out of domestic politics after popular protests The international criminal court intends to open two war crimes cases tied to the Russian invasionContinue reading “Ukraine What we know on day 383 and day 384 of the invasion”

A year of courage, caring, pain, hope, endurance and above all a year of unity (1)

Looking back at those 12 months that brought the Ukrainian people full misery in “The furious year of invincibility.”

Één jaar later

Poetin blijft zijn landgenoten vertellen dat het Westen Rusland bedreigt heeft en dat hij daarom tegen de tegenstanders van zijn natie in het verweer moet gaan en indien het nodig zal zijn zelfs atoomwapens zal moeten gaan gebruiken.

The weekend of 2023 February 18-19

British embassy spy David Smith jailed for 13 years David Smith meets with an MI5 officer posing as a member of Russia’s military intelligence Credit: METROPOLITAN POLICE The British Embassy spy David Smith, who passed information to Russia for money, has been jailed for 13 years and two months. The 58-year-old former security guard beganContinue reading “The weekend of 2023 February 18-19”

Some news for Saturday 28 January 2023

The Chancellor has pleaded with early retirees to go back to work, as he said the country faced an “enormous and shocking waste of talent and potential”. The big story: ‘Enormous and shocking waste of talent’ Jeremy Hunt has promised a “fundamental programme of reforms” to get millions of people back to work, as heContinue reading “Some news for Saturday 28 January 2023”

Scholz gives the green light on tanks – but why did it take so long?

Scholz has long argued that he needed to ensure that Germany and Nato would not become “warring parties” and Germany accused of “going it alone”.

Ukraine attacks Russian air base

Engels air base, about 300 miles from the Ukrainian border.Maxar Technologies, via Reuters Ukraine attacks Russian air base Ukraine launched a drone attack on the Engels air base deep within Russian territory, killing three troops, the Kremlin said yesterday, as Kyiv’s forces demonstrated that they were increasingly prepared to take the fight to Russia. Engels,Continue reading “Ukraine attacks Russian air base”