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After 2,000 UK Church Buildings Close, New Church Plants Get Creative

The decline in church attendance has become a fact in all capitalist countries.

Shall Biblestudents in Belgium be able to celebrate their 200th birthday

In the Netherlands there would be 1.708.412 Biblestudents, but in Belgium it is really going very badly. With its 11.521.00 inhabitants in Belgium, the number of serious Biblestudents, like the Quakers, are dwindling; Year after year we see our numbers going down. In the 70ies of the previous century, we still could find some veryContinue reading “Shall Biblestudents in Belgium be able to celebrate their 200th birthday”

New website and forum: the Human Jesus

Today we still find lots of Christians who do not want to believe the words of God and His son Jeshua, better known by them as Jesus Christ. Lots of Christians instead of believing the Biblical Truth and the words of the Bible still look at Jesus as their god instead of accepting that heContinue reading “New website and forum: the Human Jesus”