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Who or What Are You?

The writer wrongly starts from the idea that Jesus would be an incarnated being. Nowhere in the scriptures can such an idea be found. On the other hand the Bible (the inspired and infallible Word of God) is very clear that Jesus is a son of man and son of God, having had a birth (a beginning), a death (an end of life) and a resurrection whereafter he was made higher than angels (before having been lower) to come to sit next to his heavenly Father, the Only One True God Who is One and not two or three.

He comes to say we are one of those created things, and in that he is right. We even would add that we are created in God’s image. As created beings, we are unusually exceptional and no human will succeed in putting together such an ingenious being.

We remember that

surgeons have learned that when the connections between the halves of the brain are removed, we do not become two people. In fact, the individual experiencing this ‘disconnection’ does not notice any perceptible change even though, at that point, they have two equal, functioning brains. Researchers have also found that while there are localized areas in the brain that control body functions, they have found no areas that control abstract functions like mathematics, logic, ethics, creativity or morality.

More than once people have tried to play for God and played with human bodies and cells, but to no avail.

The writer of a book entitled “Worshiping Alone”, intended to help us put God first in our lives and keep Him there, remarks

We are told that every cell in each of our bodies is replaced at intervals of about seven years or so. That includes muscle, bone, sinew, nerve tissue – everything.

and then wonders

If the physical body is changed regularly and matter is the only reality, then how is it possible that ‘you’ remain ‘you’?

He probably also had to take sometime before knowing himself and before deciding to become a Christian, though he had been associating with Christians for a while before that, but much more so after he so called discovered who Jesus would be, but not who he realy is. In that aspect, he still has to grow (though he is already a retired chaplain) and come to believe God Who declared Jesus to be His only begotten beloved son.

He does not think he had much choice about becoming a follower of Christ, though everybody has lots of possibilities to make a particular choice. Though he thinks he was sort of pushed and pulled into it by the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. It can well be that God the Holy Spirit, or the Power of God, He says that this Holy Spirit planted a seed in him — a deep desire to know more and more. So we sincerely hope he shall be opening his mind to have it filled by biblical knowledge, giving the inside all people need to find themselves fitting into the world. Only when there is that connection made with the Divine Creator, man shall come to rest and shall be pleased to walk in God’s Way.

Though there is a for centuries going on the dilemma, people have to be willing to put aside their own gods, and choose for the God of Israel, as their only One God to worship.

There is a continuous going on call from the Most High, but the majority of people are not interested in hearing it, let stand listening to it. Most people consider His Word as a fabrication of mankind and old-fashioned, outdated.

But next to coming to know God there is the coming to know His son, the sent one who is authorised to speak and handle in the name of the Mightiest, God of gods and King above all gods of all. That son of God, is the one who is the light for the world.

The chaplain writes

The desire to know more about Christ and to think and behave more like Him actually becomes a process that lasts a lifetime. (It is happening to me and could be happening to you.) The process is called sanctification. Through that process we become increasingly unlike other people in our thoughts and behavior. It’s actually a wonderful feeling. {About God everyday}

It is through that search for ‘the self’, for getting to know oneself, then getting to know the one who can bring you to the knowledge of his heavenly Father, that people can come connected with their inner being and with the Divine Maker of their being.

From the moment we are born we have to grow and pick up knowledge. Our physical body at a certain point in our life shall come to a point that it will not be growing any more. We may have reached a growth peak but that shall not be the end of our development. Our mind and spirit shall still have growth potential.

As written in the previous posting we shall come to a certain point in life when we shall look back at certain points in our life to remember how we developed and how we handled particular situations. Then each of us shall come to find out in which way we could stay in control of ourselves and how situations influenced us and did make us change direction.

At the end it is important that we did learn from our experiences and come to see how there is the controller of our body, ‘the self‘ or  ‘you’ exist independently of the external and visible body, being brought aware that we do have our “animal” self, and our “spiritual” self.

The blogger of the underneath article reminds us

“If the spiritual aspect within any human being were to be removed, what would remain would be a large mammal. That large mammal would then behave like any other mammal. A very clever mammal too be sure, but chasing all its drives and urges in very predictable, mammalian ways.”{Caring For Your Inner Animal}

Furthermore, he points to the difficult fact of humans growing up and making decisions.

At the beginning of each of our lives we exist as functioning and reasonably affective spirits. But sadly, the spirits of many humans are neither exercised or nourished, rather they are left to atrophy over time to the extent that they are unable to effectively govern their animal minds. Some may even be in such poor condition that their human minds are in control. In some individuals that condition may have progressed so far that they have lost awareness of their spiritual aspect and may even deny its very existence. It seems that such individuals are almost always burdened with legal, financial and relationship problems. {Caring For Your Inner Animal}



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God Everyday

Every book in the Bible speaks of spiritual beings. Not just God-the-Father and The Holy Spirit, but Christ (before and after His incarnation) Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Watchers (Daniel 4), Disembodied Human Spirits (what remains after physical bodies have died) and, of course, Satan and his followers.

Do any of those things really exist? They all do – and you are one of them. (Psalm 139:14)

A dominant philosophy in the world today (especially in the scientific world) is materialism – the theory that matter is the only reality and it is without purpose. Materialism says that everything in the universe including our very existence can be reduced to the workings of simple atomic particles. However, there is a great and growing pile of scientific evidence that proves that belief is wrong. One place to start examining the philosophy of materialism is the statement “simple atomic particles”. That statement itself is…

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