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Nneoma and other thinkers or philosophers looking at experience

The freelance writer Nneoma of Coffee and Cookies also looks at experience and questions:


She wants to share her thoughts and experiences and by that she thinks that

Life is a journey full of challenges, and opportunities.

One of the most important things that we can achieve from our experience is personal growth. Every experience we go through has something to teach us. It might be about us, or the world around us.

With experience, we can become a better version of ourselves. Your experiences are there to guide you in subsequent times.

Several thinkers (critical or strategic or social), or philosophers, have looked at experiences people can have in their lives and how that further determines their lives. What is striking here is that we will have to admit that the many experiences we have in our lives are caused by events or people around us. Of course, we ourselves also provoke certain events that will lead us to experiences that we may or may not like.

Henry Ford believed

“Life is a series of experience, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.”

Somehow, outside ourselves, we are placed in this world, where we have to live up to ourselves as we grow up through trial and error. As baby, we soon learn we have to adapt ourselves to certain rules decided outside ourselves. Throughout our childhood, we have to undergo whole ordeals, as it were, and we are regularly confronted with things we do not know what to do with at first. Yet we have to find solutions time and again.

The writer of the article “The Importance of Experience in Personal Growth and Development” writes

Whenever you have an experience, you should ask yourself,

“Is this experience worth having next time?”

as if we could control our experiences. But most often we experience things totally out of our control of ourselves. In life, we encounter many events and sometimes even disasters we can not steer. Such experiences that come over us make us to look for solutions to cope with them. Even when we would love to forget them forever, that does not work.

You don’t just abandon it. If the experience made you lose something, I’m sure you wouldn’t want that again. Always reflect on every experience. {The Importance of Experience in Personal Growth and Development}

We should know that from everything that happens in our life, we can learn. There are many ways the experience can help us grow in life. Even if we don’t like a particular experience, we must live up to the opportunity to learn from that (sometimes even unbearable) experience. Learn lessons and move on.

Experience helps expand our knowledge and understanding. Each new experience we get gives us an opportunity to learn more, and gain new knowledge. It could be learning a new skill. Experiences help us understand the world, and everything inside it. {The Importance of Experience in Personal Growth and Development}

Everytime something happens around us, we should be aware that it is only “one moment” in time of our life.

Cyndie Spiegel in “A Year Of Positive Thinking” may shed some hope

Every moment that you struggle within, sit with, or dance your way through will eventually pass.”

Whatever happens in our life, we shall have to cope with it and give it a place in our life.

We can learn how to express ourselves clearly, listen actively, build good rapport with people, and interact with people with the help of experience. Each experience we have has the ability to foster our personal growth and development. It can help you learn to be understanding, patient, or compassionate. These will in turn, make you become a better friend, leader, or family member.

By embracing our experiences, it doesn’t matter if it is negative or positive, we can learn new things from them, become more self aware, improve our communication skills, and become a better version of ourselves. There is no experience that is not worth learning from. {The Importance of Experience in Personal Growth and Development}



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