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The Telegraph’s Weekly view 2022 May 14-20

A selection of articles to read, from The Telegraph’s Weekly view 2022 May 14-20

The abuses of priest make Catholics give up their religion

At the end of last century it bothered people the most that bishops, when they found out about abuses by their priests, did not punish the perpetrator but simply transferred him to another place. In Belgium, there was even a very distinguished bishop who made sexual victims himself and when the courts came after him, he hid in France, where he can still live undisturbed today. Such facts made several Catholics leave their religion.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – with orange for a brighter future

Too often people forget that we have to come to a world where everybody, male and female, is respected and regarded on equal grounds. We are all human beings as one body, and violence, even against one person, affects the whole of human society. But at the moment in still too many countries the women are second cast and used as an object.

Walgelijk vrij lastig vallen van Indische vrouwen

Enkele maanden geleden werden weer eens twee jonge meisjes werden opgeknoopt aan een boom na een groepsverkrachting in de weilanden rond hun huis in India, en een minister van de regeringspartij heeft gereageerd door te zeggen dat verkrachting “een sociale misdaad is… soms is het goed, soms is het verkeerd.” Hoe zou zo iets ooitContinue reading “Walgelijk vrij lastig vallen van Indische vrouwen”

Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Zijn Christadelphians zo \’Old fashioned\’? The ‘Sunday Reading’ from The Christadelphian (90.1072.309), 1953 is quoted and called ‘old fashioned’ by popular opinion, but numerous professional studies confirm their opinion about what we do have to encounter or the many sexualised content is damaging. Today we can find an over sexualisedContinue reading “Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?”