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For those who want to look at the world from another point of view

Some people may feel totally lost and bewildered in this world they are living in. For much too long they have placed their trust in other people, not enough checking if what and whom they were following would be the right thing. Many people, though, think it is not important to go to examine everythingContinue reading “For those who want to look at the world from another point of view”

2022 towards its end

It seems like 2022 is only a few months away, but 11 months have already passed. In those months, the world faced some hot moments, with an upcoming Third World War lurking behind the door. Fortunately, most politicians were smart enough to keep away from red buttons and not jump in too quickly on theContinue reading “2022 towards its end”

Ability (part 2)

Wikipedia: taste the fruit of knowledge! (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We did receive the ability to live and to use our brains. The ability of the brain to research, investigate and then to form conclusions gives us the ability to form ideas and to take action or react to those findings we got. The ability toContinue reading “Ability (part 2)”

Knowledge of Christ and fear for God

Heart of Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)       We do have to come to know Christ Jesus and his heavenly Father. In Jesus we should put our faith to be able to come closer to God. Not so much should we fear ordinary man and therefore keep to the traditional sayings, But we shouldContinue reading “Knowledge of Christ and fear for God”