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Highs and lows of the Corona crisis, and other health news

Jonathan Van-Tam shore fishing on a beach in Norfolk, where he went to decompress during the pandemi’s intense phase Credit: Simon Townsley When Covid struck, they found themselves on the frontline of the UK response. Three years on from the first lockdown, scientists and experts reflect on the highs and lows of the crisis –Continue reading “Highs and lows of the Corona crisis, and other health news”

Zorg is mensenwerk, geen bandwerk

In de zorgsector is de werkdruk veel te hoog en is het menselijk aspect meestal opzij geschoven door het administratief veel tijd opslorpende werk.

Next week in Belgium probably one of chaos

Because the wage freeze unions are restricted from negotiating wage rises at a time when inflation is rocketing and people feel too much pressure at work. In the world of travel provisions, the week of June the 20th is the beginning of strikes.

Shall Biblestudents in Belgium be able to celebrate their 200th birthday

In the Netherlands there would be 1.708.412 Biblestudents, but in Belgium it is really going very badly. With its 11.521.00 inhabitants in Belgium, the number of serious Biblestudents, like the Quakers, are dwindling; Year after year we see our numbers going down. In the 70ies of the previous century, we still could find some veryContinue reading “Shall Biblestudents in Belgium be able to celebrate their 200th birthday”

The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: 40-mile-long Russian army convoy nears Kyiv, satellite images show Convoy north of Ukraine capital has more doubled in length, images suggest; ICC prosecutor to open possible war crimes inquiry; Kharkiv civilians ‘massacred’, says mayor ‘We will never forgive Russia’ / ‘Horrendous’ rocket attack kills Kharkiv civilians UK business / British firmsContinue reading “The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian”

Expected actions following a published report

How can Johnson’s partisans say that he is not held personally responsible for what went on in Downing Street Nr. 10?

Een regering die maar geen stappen wil nemen om haar burgers dure energierekening te verlagen

Al maanden zien de mensen hun geldbeugel leeggehaald worden door de stijgende energie prijzen en verhoogde prijzen in de winkelketens.

The winter of discontent – Crisis? What Crisis? Which Crisis?

More than one crisis Britain is facing, whilst the prime minister is trying to take off attention from his stupidities and willingly or not realising he is taking the country deeper into a major crisis period.

What effect does population have on climate change?

In the previous centuries, we had wars and diseases like pests, that took care to reduce the population of this planet. Today, many people are convinced that if the planet had fewer people, there would be reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that the global population will decline eventually, and populations in many rich nationsContinue reading “What effect does population have on climate change?”

A pandemic, Inflation and Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation occurs when a country experiences very high rates of inflation, which erodes the real value of the local currency, and causes the population to minimize their holdings of local money. It is argued that hyperinflation often occurs as a result of some kind of stress on a Government’s budget. This is because the root cause is a large Government deficit which is financed by money creation rather than other options like increased borrowing or higher rates of taxation.