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The hourglass of this world

We from our site of the West European continent also resolved to do everything possible to show what goes wrong in this world. To this end, we hope that readers who come here, shall appreciate our writings and shall take the necessary steps to help to share these articles with others.

Mississippi journalists discuss the evolution of daily newspapers

By using social media the loudest groups of fanatics try to drive the conversation, not rational, solid, considered thinkers, Christian or not, to bring a sort of news that is often very far from reality. Mainstream journalism has been ruined by these phenomena and the danger exists that certain newspapers fall into the trap toContinue reading “Mississippi journalists discuss the evolution of daily newspapers”

Presenting views from different sources

To give an overview of what appears in the international press and what may be important points that deserve our attention, a lot of work needs to be done, and the question can be asked whether enough readers are interested in it.

The intention of this site was to provide a free overview of interesting events and to present a variety of different news articles. But due to the very low interest in these overview articles of newspaper reports, I doubt whether it is still useful to spend so much time on it.

Weekly World Watch (WWW) looking at a few key developments that have happened during the past week

Christians have the task not only to bring others the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God, but also to warn people how that Kingdom will come about and what will happen prior to Jesus’ return and what we must prepare for. Therefore, we should always have an eye on what happens in our world. With this website ‘View on the World’, we try to give some idea of what should receive our attention and wherefore we should prepare.

Social Awareness & Social Involvement

Originally posted on Journal Log-In:
Social Awareness is the ability to understand and be mindful of different societal issues that others (may it be people of color, of different culture, gender, and many more) experience, and that is happening. It is to empathize and be cautious of how difficult it is or how one handles…