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Experiences in life that ‘helped’ me grow

In life, we all shall encounter good and bad experiences. Those shall contribute in the formation of our inner being.

The Dream home for the future

Write about your dream home. *** Who does not dream of a beautiful place where he can live in peace and all luxury? I from childhood onwards, I had marvellous ideas about a world still to come; As a kid, I did not see the badness of this world and imagined, as an adult, IContinue reading “The Dream home for the future”

Russian doctors plead for end to war

Following their oaths and maintaining a humane and equal treatment of all lives, Russian doctors, nurses and paramedics, strongly oppose the military actions carried out by Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine and demand an immediate suspension of all operations with the use of lethal weapons.

Entering 2022 still Aiming for a society without exploitation or oppression

At the beginning of 2022, I look at social justice and the way I try to reach people to aim for a better society.

For the Introverts: Love Doesn’t Mean Lunch [On Social Responsibility]

Originally posted on
For audio/video of this article, please visit the Veritas Curat YouTube Channel, or scroll to the bottom of this page. If you are an extrovert, feel free to skip this article. If you are introverted, please read on. This will be important. The world is full of loud people constantly…

Brain damage and dementia perhaps not glamorous enough to allow patients to live

In reply to Vincent Lambert died on Thursday at 8.24am Are brain damage and dementia not glamorous enough to allow patients to live, because the intellectual impairment really does make all of us uneasy about our own stupidity? In a collective opinion page on April 18, 70  “doctors and professionals specialized in the care ofContinue reading “Brain damage and dementia perhaps not glamorous enough to allow patients to live”

Sometimes we face trials

In life we encounter many difficulties. Even as an organisation we can have to face trials or having to look at people who tell lies about us and have people defending the false accuser. Sometimes we lack this necessary wisdom to face trials and persevere faithfully. These are the times when our suffering is soContinue reading “Sometimes we face trials”

Living with some type of physical disability in the U.S.A.

About 1-in-5 people in the USA live with some type of physical disability; 10 million people a year experience a serious mental illness; and 1-in-6 Americans struggle with chronic health conditions, leading to roughly 65 million Americans providing care for someone with a disability or chronic illness. [See Bible Gateway Blog post: Tyndale to ReleaseContinue reading “Living with some type of physical disability in the U.S.A.”