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Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb

Young, precarious, and accustomed to following orders: young ballet dancers were the perfect victims writes Alice Robb in her new memoir, “Don’t Think, Dear”, about her love affair with ballet. Jeffrey Epstein who would go looking for young girls to abuse at New York ballet classes, including at an Upper East Side studio where AliceContinue reading “Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb”

The Telegraph Frontpage 2022 November 09

Those subscribed to follow the posts on “Some View on the World” do not miss a single news item By Danny Boyle Good morning. Republican hopes for a sweeping rebuke of Joe Biden in the US midterms have failed to materialise. We have the latest from America – and the fallout from Gavin Williamson’s resignation.Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage 2022 November 09”

The Telegraph looking at the 5th week of June

The last week of June looked at by the Telegraph.

You can do anything with money

The Duke of York having settled the sex assault case filed against him by Virginia Giuffre for an undisclosed sum, spares himself now from the humiliation of giving evidence in a trial. This way, a lot of details that would come out at the court hearing can not damage the reputation of the royal family.