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AGSIW: Palestine Activism in the World Cup

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Dana El Kurd and Maryam AlHajri. Actions of fans at the World Cup have brought world attention to the issue of Palestine, a result both of activism in Qatar in the run-up to the tournament and a lack of popular enthusiasm in the region to normalizing relations with…

How willing are people to stand up for their values and beliefs

One can find several people doing violence against the truth. Similarly, there is Richard Martin who claims that fascism and communism are twin brothers.

Being aligned with above

Disney\’s Friends for Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia) To become justified we ourselves do have to act in the right way. We must act justly and we also have to enact it. It’s in our own hands. The word, “Tzedek,” which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.”  The Hebrew word “Tzedaka,” which means “charity,” comes from thatContinue reading “Being aligned with above”