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European Youth Event 2023: Migration

The European Union shares responsibility for migration policy with the national governments of its member countries, who have agreed on common standards on legal migration and receiving asylum-seekers in a fair and dignified manner. However, the EU is still in the process of reforming its asylum and migration policy.

The Frontpage of The Telegraph for Tuesday 2023 January 31

Looking at the UK which the IMF downgraded its 2023 UK growth forecast by more than any other G7 nation, blaming the prospect of a deeper recession on “tighter fiscal and monetary policies”.

The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 Wednesday December 14

By Danny Boyle Yesterday train services have been severely disrupted after rail workers walked out in the first of a wave of 48-hour strikes. But how dedicated to the action are union members? The head of Network Rail has told us why he thinks RMT boss Mick Lynch, above, is lashing out. The big story:Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 Wednesday December 14”

Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today

For Feminist activist Sasha Shevchenko, \”the main struggle for feminists today\”, apart of “the fight against patriarchy, the Church, the sex industry and any kind of totalitarianism”, is \”the fight against nationalism\” and “Nazi ideas” that are “growing like mushrooms after the rain”.  VoxEurop During a debate at the European parliament in Brussels, Shevchenko andContinue reading “Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today”