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After the earthquake the Arab League agreed to reinstate Syria

Nothing has changed since Syria was forced out of the Arab League, but now Syria is readmitted to the Arab League again.

RIAC: Turkey on the Eve of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Balance of Political Forces in the Country

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Amur Gadzhiev. The next presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey are scheduled for May 14, 2023. The voting will take place amid a challenging socioeconomic environment, aggravated by the aftermath of February’s natural disasters. Deadlines for a number of promising projects have been pushed back, and the country…

Time for Turkish people to think about their leader

Incomprehensible it may also be called that from here also votes in favour of that man who in his own country allows the people without shelter and adequate food to starve in all weathers after the past major earthquakes.

The Assad-Putin summit in Moscow

If a four-way (Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey) meeting of foreign ministers is agreed upon, it could herald a breakthrough in the Syria-Turkey crisis that meets Syria’s terms and paves the way for a meeting between Assad and Erdogan.

The Associated Press: Syria hopes Iran-Saudi agreement will ease regional tension

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Albert Aji and Bassem Mroue. Syria on Saturday welcomed the agreement reached between Iran and Saudi Arabia to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies saying it will lead to more stability in the region. Iran has been a main backer of President Bashar Assad’s government, while Saudi…

Middle East Monitor: Around 42,000 Syrians in Turkiye voluntarily went home since quakes: Defence Chief

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Middle East Monitor staff. Around 42,000 Syrians in Turkiye have returned to their home country across the border since the 6 February earthquakes centred in Turkiye’s southern region, the Turkish National Defence Minister said on Tuesday, Anadolu News Agency reports. Speaking in the quake-hit Hatay province, Hulusi Akar…

Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 A photo provided by the Russian government said to show investigators at the site of a car bombing outside Moscow.Russian Investigative Committee/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images A brazen attack near Moscow rattles Russians Russia has opened a murder investigation into the car bombing that killed Daria Dugina, 29, a hawkish political commentator whoContinue reading “Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022”

British troops deployed to Polish border as tensions with Russia rise

British troops have been deployed to Poland’s border with Belarus as tensions escalate over a migrant crisis. Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, said that British Royal Engineers had been sent on a “reconnaissance” exercise with Nato allies amid a standoff between Minsk and Warsaw over the fate of hundreds of migrants trying to reachContinue reading “British troops deployed to Polish border as tensions with Russia rise”

Trump brand of migrant demonization #2

English: The Ethnic composition of Muslims in the United States, according to the United States Department of State based on the publication of Being Muslim in America as of March 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The so called Christian American politicians John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, John Kasich, but also democrat Maggie HassanContinue reading “Trump brand of migrant demonization #2”

Flemish government’s approval of €150,000 funding for emergency aid to Syria

A residential neighborhood of Tartus before all the war damage (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The conflict in Syria has been going on for almost five years, and the humanitarian situation is becoming desperate, Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois’ department for foreign policy said, with more than 12 million people in need of aid. There may be lotsContinue reading “Flemish government’s approval of €150,000 funding for emergency aid to Syria”