2022 August biggest climate milestones

Bloomberg Green, 2022 August 9 This month’s biggest climate milestones happened over one weekend. On Sunday, the US Senate approved hundreds of billions of dollars in climate and clean-energy spending. Just two days before, climate cooperation between the US and China — the world’s largest economies and emitters — came to an abrupt halt. How these two turningContinue reading “2022 August biggest climate milestones”

2022 Second half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green

Noxious fumes | Dumps and landfills near South Asian megacities are huge emitters of methane, highlighting a major challenge in the global climate fight. More clouds of the greenhouse gas — which has 84 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over its first 20 years in the atmosphere — were spotted in India thanContinue reading “2022 Second half of July – Here’s what else you need to know in Green”

Guardian Headlines concerning our Climate 2022 July 11- July 17

July 14 Avian flu is plaguing our birds – when will this crisis hit home? Phoebe Weston The pandemic turned many of us armchair epidemiologists. We learned the boring basics of disease prevention, keeping two metres apart in public places, washing our hands a lot and staying at home watching TV. But as the worstContinue reading “Guardian Headlines concerning our Climate 2022 July 11- July 17”

July 8: It’s curtains for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who did not deny that the climate crisis was real

Mr Johnson did not deny that the climate crisis was real, and a pressing, global threat. Hopeful candidates can not ignore some harsh environmental realities.

With all eyes on Ukraine, our planet lost out at this week’s G7 summit

The G7 countries have once again proved that they are morally bankrupt and have no real intention to solve the climate crisis and take responsibility for this crisis caused by their disproportionate use and relentless support for fossil fuels

Bloomberg looking at our planet 2nd half of June

Not so insignificant events that affect our well-being June 22 Climate Change a Factor in ‘Unprecedented’ South Asia Floods Scientists say climate change is a factor behind the erratic and early rains that triggered floods. Europe Wildfire Risk Heightened By Early Heat Waves, Drought High fuel costs for aircraft needed to fight wildfires have alsoContinue reading “Bloomberg looking at our planet 2nd half of June”

Failing climate: Climate-aid pledges by industrialized nations are worthless, according to the leader of Seychelles

Seychellois politician and Anglican priest Wavel Ramkalawan his expectations for this year’s COP27 event are low because the promises in Glasgow in November have not been met.

How to defuse the ‘carbon bomb’ crisis

As the Guardian’s new ‘climate bombs’ series shows, there are 195 gigantic oil and gas projects underway around the world that would each result in at least one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over their lifetimes, in total equivalent to around 18 years of current global emissions.

One of the persons of 2021

Our planet is in danger and therefore we need some strong voices to come up for her. Indigenous activist and member of the Waorani nation from the Amazonian Region of Ecuador, Nemonte Nenquimo is one of such figures who got attention in 2021.

Verhaal van hoop – verdriet en troost

Glasgow had zoveel meer kunnen en moeten betekenen, maar wij staan niet stil. Overal ter wereld komt een krachtige beweging tot stand. Als burger moet u beseffen dat we niet alleen zijn en dat uw stem ook impact kan hebben. We worden elke dag sterker en invloedrijker.

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