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No one, not even Putin, knows how this war will end

No one, not even Putin, knows how this war will end.

France ‘concerned’ about Britain’s Armed Forces & Kyiv warned against retaking Crimea

French officials have raised concerns over the state of the British Armed Forces. The Telegraph understands that officials in Paris claimed that budget cuts to the UK’s military were causing alarm among Nato members. A leading French MP said that there were concerns in his country that Britain had given weapons to Ukraine from itsContinue reading “France ‘concerned’ about Britain’s Armed Forces & Kyiv warned against retaking Crimea”

Ukraine attacks Russian air base

Engels air base, about 300 miles from the Ukrainian border.Maxar Technologies, via Reuters Ukraine attacks Russian air base Ukraine launched a drone attack on the Engels air base deep within Russian territory, killing three troops, the Kremlin said yesterday, as Kyiv’s forces demonstrated that they were increasingly prepared to take the fight to Russia. Engels,Continue reading “Ukraine attacks Russian air base”

The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 December 02

By Danny Boyle We have an exclusive report on how No 10 has rowed back on a free speech law designed to stop university cancel culture – and the best analysis after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, above, appeared to seek to upstage the Prince and Princess of Wales. Bill to protect speakers is wateredContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 December 02”

Why Russia’s October 10 attacks on Kyiv were not about the Crimean Bridge

One of the key supply roots was damaged, giving a humiliating blow to Russia’s ego and giving Russia to bring revenge on civilian targets, mainly during rush hours..

Ten Reasons Why Ukraine Hasn’t Destroyed the Crimean Bridge

A video giving ten explanations, digging deeper into the underlying strategy of the Ukrainian conflict and the role of the Kerch Bridge.

Pseudo-referendum, Kerch bridge in Crimea and Ukraine claiming to retrieve what it owns

Following the explosion at the Crimean Bridge, Putin gave the order to have the largest-scale coordinated missile attack against Ukraine since the full-scale invasion began on Feb. 24.

Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 A photo provided by the Russian government said to show investigators at the site of a car bombing outside Moscow.Russian Investigative Committee/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images A brazen attack near Moscow rattles Russians Russia has opened a murder investigation into the car bombing that killed Daria Dugina, 29, a hawkish political commentator whoContinue reading “Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022”

On Quora: Is it true that Ukraine is overrun with Neo-Nazis?

Truth About Russia answers Yes, absolutely. Although it’s not the whole country thankfully. This map shows it nicely. The areas in red are those that have been overrun with neo-nazis. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come they will slowly be pushed back to the snake pit they came from. Further replies: Francis TalbutianContinue reading “On Quora: Is it true that Ukraine is overrun with Neo-Nazis?”