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Kids’ Worship versus Kids’ Liturgy

When churches don’t plan to have children present, they probably ought not be building a new building, but should consider why they would exclude children from their service.

Climate and cocoa: why an anti-modern slavery movement is talking about the environment

At the time of writing, almost 180,000 people within the Freedom United community are calling for change from major chocolate companies. Those changes include a call for an end to deforestation and a rapid reduction of pesticide usage. So why is an anti-modern slavery community pushing for improved environmental protection policies in the cocoa sector?Continue reading “Climate and cocoa: why an anti-modern slavery movement is talking about the environment”

Thought in this coronacrisis period: Be Strong

Yesterday in the VRT programme Terzake there was a child psychologist who explained how difficult children have it today in this Corona period. According to many psychologists, young people have a much harder time than young adults, although we should not underestimate the problems of young adults. In the Old Manuscripts with the history ofContinue reading “Thought in this coronacrisis period: Be Strong”

Teach children the Bible

We can pray all day for our children and diligently teach them the Bible, but most important is that in that our kids see us practising what we teach them.