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Former president says American Jews are ungrateful for all he has done for Jewish state

Former US president Donald Trump railed against US Jews on Sunday, telling them to “get their act together” and accusing them of not being appreciative enough of his support for Israel, while claiming he was so popular among Israelis that he could “easily be” elected prime minister.

We know all too well how Donald Trump knows how to bluff and likes to talk himself into the limelight. He himself wants to remind us how he has stuck his neck out for the Jewish People.

Trump, meanwhile, ranted against American Jews Sunday on his social media platform, Truth Social. Boasting about his popularity among American Evangelical Christians and Israeli Jews, Trump warned U.S. Jews to “get their act together” and support what he did for Israel “before it is too late.”

That 45th president of America who wants the world to believe he is the best president America ever had and is the only one who can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict considers himself even mightier than God, and found it up to him to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, when he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognising Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights and brokered the Abraham Accords between Israel and regional states.

Throughout history various attempts have been made to resolve one of the world’s most enduring conflicts, beginning in the mid-20th century. But before we could find many invaders, including Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians, fighting for the Gaza Strip. Various attempts have been made to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, as part of the Israeli–Palestinian peace process, alongside other efforts to resolve the broader Arab–Israeli conflict.

But the man who considers himself competent to solve all the world’s problems and therefore likes to meddle in everything finds that the Jews are not grateful to him for what he has not already done for them. In doing so, he forgets that he has done more bad than good for the Jewish community.

Trump has frequently castigated US Jews for their perceived lack of gratitude and support and often conflated Israeli interests with those of American Jews.

Trump did not elaborate to his urging the Jews in the US to

“get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel – Before it is too late!”

This does seem a bit like threatening language, but we have already become used to that from that man.

While many US Jews are generally supportive of Israel, they have consistently rejected accusations of dual loyalty toward the Jewish state, typically seen as an antisemitic canard. Eight in 10 American Jews say Israel is an essential or important part of what being Jewish means to them, according to a 2020 Pew Research Center survey. Just under half of American Jews have visited Israel, too. American Jews may oppose specific Israeli government policies, but only 15% say Israel is not important to their Jewish identity.

“American Jews got ‘their act together’ in 2020, when 77% supported Biden. This won’t change because Jews view Trump & #MAGA candidates as extremist-aligned threats to our security, democracy & values, as epitomized by this antisemitic screed,”

tweeted Halie Soifer, head of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

“This has nothing to do with Israel.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, American entrepreneur, corporate executive, and the sixth National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), also condemned Trump’s words.

“We don’t need the former president, who curries favour with extremists and antisemites, to lecture us about the US-Israel relationship. It is not about a quid-pro-quo; it rests on shared values and security interests. This ‘Jewsplaining’ is insulting and disgusting,”

he said.

Since Trump came to power, he managed to stir many Americans against Jews, Muslims and coloured people. He made it clear that there is only place in America for “real Americans”, whatever that may be. With his MAGA or Make America Great Again program he has set up people against each other and he has pitted many very conservative Christians against those who do not want to adhere to the Christian faith.

A study commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation found that

“Ninety-three percent of American Jews are concerned with the current levels of antisemitism in the United States, with nearly half of US Jews (42%) experiencing antisemitism either directly or through family and friends over the past five years alone.”

Since Trump came to power we were allowed to observe that there was a general increase in Jew-hatred, which was not concealed but openly expressed. Almost half of American Jews have had a direct or indirect clash with antisemitism. These are people for whom Jew-hatred is not a concept out of the history books but a real, here and now thing.

In a certain way, Trump’s involvement or attempts to get the American embassy in Jerusalem are mainly to get as many American Jews out of America by stimulating them to do Aliyah to escape their condition.

“When exploring their connection to Israel, approximately one-third (34%) of respondents believe the relationship between Israel and US Jews has weakened during the last two years, including 40% of Republicans and 31% of Democrats. Only 12% identified the May 2021 war between Israel and Hamas as a reason for that weakened relationship, with 32% naming the increasing power of right-wing or ultra-religious Israeli political parties, 25% the treatment of Palestinians, 24% the mutual ties between Netanyahu and former President Donald Trump, and 24% Israel’s settlement policies in the West Bank.”

Maher asked Netanyahu whether he thinks former President Donald Trump, while being good to Israel, was

“also a dangerous demagogue who tried to have a coup in this country and does not respect democracy or democratic norms?”

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is hoping next month’s election will return him to the premiership for the third time, demurred.

Rob Eshman Senior Contributing Editor of The Forward writes in his column:

When a former president with millions of followers heckles American Jews, it’s not even remotely funny. A 2020 study of online antisemitism found that instances of hate spiked after the 2016 presidential election, when the Trump campaign pushed similar slurs against American Jewish loyalties, and after the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville. {Why is Donald Trump harassing Jews?}

Trump wants us to believe there are no strong ties between American Jews and Israeli Jews but the American Jewish Committee hit back at the former president and tweeted:

“Support for the Jewish state never gives one license to lecture American Jews, nor does it ever give the right to draw baseless judgments about the ties between U.S. Jews and Israel,”

“And to be clear, those ties are strong and enduring. ”

We can assume that it is in the wrong (for Trump) that a large proportion of American Jews cast their preferred vote for Joe Biden. In 2020, 77% supported Biden and

“this is probably not going to change because Jews view Trump & #MAGA candidates as extremist-aligned threats to our security, democracy & values, as epitomized by this antisemitic screed,”

tweeted Halie Soifer, head of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

“This has nothing to do with Israel.”

Trump will also have to learn to see for once that love for Israel is something very different from love for what certain governments allow Israel to carry out or how they violate certain rights of certain citizens. The Torah teaches us to treat other people properly, and as Jews, we cannot then condone the mistreatment of certain citizens anyway, even if those acts were carried out by a Jewish government.

Trump may have some truth in saying that

“the evangelical Christians love Israel more than Jews in this country,”

but what he does not see is that this love for Israel by those people is on whole different grounds and because they hope to be part of the chosen people in the kingdom of Christ, which they understand shall have its headquarters in Jerusalem. Many of those far-right Christians still consider the Jews to be the murderers of their god. However, they forget that Jesus is not God but the son of God who has been given the authority from the El’ Elyon (God Most High) to administer that kingdom and speak in His Name.

Rightly Rob Eshman writes

By singling out American Jews because they don’t support him or a particular Israeli government, Trump painted a crude target on our backs. {Why is Donald Trump harassing Jews?}

“Culpability is a tricky thing,”

wrote the journalist Julia Ioffe following the 2018 antisemitic massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue,

“and politicians, especially of the demagogic variety, know this very well. Unless they go as far as organized, documented, state-implemented slaughter, they don’t give specific directions. They don’t have to. They simply set the tone.”

The tone is increasingly nasty — just check out the hecklers attacking Jewish comics. If only they would all just sit down and be quiet. {Why is Donald Trump harassing Jews?}

A tweet posted about Trump, by the American Jewish Committee reads

“Past support for Israel doesn’t give him license to traffic in radioactive antisemitic tropes — or peddle unfounded conclusions about the unbreakable ties that bind American Jews to Israel. Enough!”



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Published by Immanuel Verbondskind

Being a creature of the Most High Maker, wanting to know His Word better and to see clear in the many religious groups this world has. + Een schepsel van de Allerhoogste Maker, die Zijn Woord beter wil leren kennen en duidelijk wenst te zien in de Goddelijke Boodschap en in de vele religieuze groeperingen van deze wereld.

8 thoughts on “Former president says American Jews are ungrateful for all he has done for Jewish state

  1. You put a link (ping back) on my blog post I did not approve it, but I would be happy to post the link you give in a proper comment if you care to try again. I would include as a reply to it something of what I say below.

    About this post, I’m with you all the way until you say the Jews are the chosen people and Jerusalem shall be the capitol of the world, and pardon the paraphrase. Is that another way of saying Jews will lead the world? If so, then that’s bigotry, same as Trump’s basically. If not, what are Jews chosen for? Could that have something to do with the past and neither with the present nor the future? I’d ask you to read chapter 12 of my book to see a view of what the chosen people means that you have never seen before nor even imagined.


    1. Christ Jesus is a Jew and he shall be in charge of his and his father’s Kingdom. From the old days onwards, the Jews are God’s Chosen People, which is a fact no Christian can ignore.


      1. The Reply Comment

        God is not a co-evangelist.
        God is not a second opinion.
        God is the reality of this paper.
        He muses me.
        In what manner of God do I speak?
        The one listenin’ to you.

        Oh Israel king of nations,
        that is not your purpose in life.
        You have other wear.
        God is your bright and shiny armor
        to explain God to things.
        Can you see I have that on?
        Does the wearer have to be Jewish?
        That’s not my nation.

        Can you count you as Jews
        the religious rite among us,
        where humanity has its priesthood?
        This would not explain things.
        You are more than that.
        You gave us the ego spheres
        that enabled the modern world to come about.
        This is your calling,
        and it came about.

        What do we do with you now?
        Look at your contribution
        a million miles from here,
        that would get every Jew wrong.
        You’re here today
        holdin’ hands
        with a good grasp of the world,
        not every Jew not by a long shot,
        grasp in its material sense,
        the nuts and bolts of everyday life,
        and you excel
        in the places life is interpreted to us.

        All the Nobels say that,
        and we can grasp Hollywood too
        a big Jewish investment,
        interpret Jews you know,
        in a broad manner of speaking.
        Can we go to the arts and literature?
        We can certainly some.
        We can go all the way to newspapers.
        I can continue with this honor roll,
        but it’s self-explanatory
        if you see the writing on the wall:
        you stupid people,
        stop persecuting Jews.

        Now we’d go to kingdom come
        not Jewish led.
        Hey everybody a rainbow coalition
        will usher in the next step of our evolution.
        Is everybody ready?
        Oh man hurry up and wait,
        A long time comin’ this will be.
        We’re gonna shake in our boots first.
        My goodness it’s time to walk the dogs.
        See yah later alligator.


  2. The poem below has been posted on my blog with an explanation of how it was inspired, by your blog post and our conversation, it addressing your reply to me specifically:

    The Christ Runner

    is that the name of God?
    Would you call him Jesus?
    I don’t understand God’s son.
    Would a man give birth to a dog?
    The son is the substance of his father
    and his mother,
    and where is she in this picture?
    No God wore.

    You’ve made up a family
    to give God sustenance in your lives.
    You don’t understand God.
    Who can?
    Come on let’s see God.
    I don’t know where He comes from.
    Could we call Jesus a bastard child?
    Honestly, do you think his society did not?

    Where do we go here?
    I think Mary escapes to Ein Karem
    to avoid being stoned.
    Oh hi Elizabeth you’re pregnant too
    out of wedlock.
    Now can we capture sexual sin?
    No he’s king of the world.
    It was all a plan:
    die on the cross for our sins.
    And we’ve made up another story
    to grapple with God in man.

    Who was Jesus?
    A little child born out of wedlock,
    and everybody taunted him for it,
    and he really suffered.
    Is this in the Gospels?
    No, it’s logic and common sense.
    The people of his day hated adulterers
    and bastard children.

    Can the pedophile say that today?
    Oh my goodness I’ve crossed lines
    imaging sexual sin,
    and how we use that to hate people.
    Can you imagine a God of hate?
    I think some people do.
    Is that you?

    Take Jesus by the hand,
    and he will show you love for your neighbor,
    even if your neighbor sins.
    Compassionate Christ,
    how that contradicts your world order.
    I can’t imagine Jesus stoning people.
    Go to hell you sinner!
    You didn’t vote for me!
    And that’s the Christ?
    How conveniently laid out in your plans
    to force the world on your belief.
    Thank God there’s God,
    the truth of things, you know?
    no matter what you believe.

    Jesus Christ,
    I’ve not counted him exactly.
    He gives us roads,
    all the way to enlightenment/paradise. [worlds spoken simultaneously]
    Our meeting him determines the course.
    He’s not a throw away deity.
    He gauges sin,
    and helps us cross it.
    We are loved there.

    We bring him deity to us,
    can find that Christ in ourselves,
    the divine element,
    and transfigure this in man.
    These are later stages the Gospels know not of.

    I think you’re seein’ Jesus,
    the Christ in our lives,
    spilt by Christianity.
    The religion does not capture the man.
    It’s legal framework
    whereby to tax sin,
    a framework of belief
    to tail the universe on,
    a holier-than-thou
    that puts everyone else in hell.

    This is the religion for the ages.
    This is God’s total store
    for man in planetary being alive.
    Immensity knows no other look
    than this.
    What medieval planet have you been hanging out on?
    I don’t think Jesus would recognize himself here.
    Would you crucify him,
    goes the refrain, [above and below lines lyrics from “Would You Crucify Him?”]
    if he walked right here among you once again?

    Now that’s John Michael Talbot.
    He put down his sword
    and became a religious man.
    What do we do with him today?
    Oh John,
    you are so faithful to the Lord.
    Is that a TV program?
    Where is that window you opened
    on the truth of Christ?
    It’s right here
    in the lyrics of this poem.
    There’s positive paintings of the way of Christ.
    You take the ball and run with it.
    The ways of divinity ride here.

    What happens if you destroy it,
    the value of Christ?
    You’re witnessin’ a new reality
    if you don’t.
    We’re all here in airplanes
    evolving Christ.
    We’re lookin’ at time.
    We need a revolution here on earth.
    There’s no way to avoid it
    if we want to actually survive.
    A consciousness of Christ, hello?
    He’s good for heroes.
    Yes, he is good for heroes,
    and the Gospels leave that out.


  3. Too many people take Jesus as their god, but Jesus is not the God above all gods. Jesus is the son of man, like us all being human beings part of creation, like the Nazarene Jewish master is part of that creation of the God of Israel, Who is the Only One true God.

    The set apart or Holy Name of that God is Jehovah. His only begotten beloved son his original name is Jeshua ben Josef or Jeshua the son of Joseph, who is also called the son of David.

    It looks like the poem writer either himself is confused thinking we take Jesus as our God, or he himself taking it granted like the majority in Christendom that Jesus would be God, ignoring the Scriptural sayings and sayings by Jesus and God themselves.

    At the other way the author of the poem making jokes about Jesus, God and religion, makes it clear he misses a lot of points, made by religious people.

    Perhaps Jesus may be good for heroes, because when coming closer to the end times, people shall resist even more any form of religiosity and knowledge of the saviour Christ and his heavenly Father. It shall be up to the believers to show the world why it is so important to get to know the real Christ (Jesus or Jeshua ben Josef) and the real God above all gods (the Elohim Hashem Jehovah).


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