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The MAGAs and the Man

The world today has their gods whom they allow to lead their country in division. But their followers are convinced they might by the power of those leaders come to live in one great country where they are all united under one flag and one religion, having all those with another faith and other lifestyle thrown out.

Slowly, populism and national socialism are crawling underground through the earth of many states and know how to spout their poison in many countries that are going to join that crowd.

We really need to be aware of this and be on our guard before we are completely surrounded by the emerging danger that many did not see or wanted to see in the 1930s. This time, let the blind see better by dismantling these fascist ideas more quickly.



  1. 500 Years of Reformation Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency
  2. Declining commitment to democracy : What’s going on around the world ?
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  6. Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today
  7. Full football stadiums allowed to reign supreme to make money
  8. Are we shambling into WWIII?
  9. Messengers of Jesus will be hated to the end of time


Additional reading

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  3. The German Christian Rally at Berlin’s Sportspalast, 28 February 1934: Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller, Dr. Christian Kinder Respond to the Kirchenkampf
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  34. Tony Judt on twentieth-century Marxism
  35. Le nationalisme est une autre forme d’extrémisme par écrivain Mouloud Benzadi



  1. #McGurks Bar: a brief prehistory of disinformation
  2. Now I’ve Had The Prime Of My Life (No, I Never Felt Like This Before)
  3. “a position paralleled only by continental dictatorships”: the abuses that prompted the Civil Rights campaigns
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  5. A Critique of the “MLM Conception of Fascism” Article.
  6. Congressman Gosar, Vigilantism and the Class Struggle
  7. On Facism
  8. What is Fascism
  9. Paul Weston: EU President Ursula von dof Lyin’ Resurrects Fascism in Europe
  10. Gang Fascism: How Capital Weaponizes the Social Ills It Creates
  11. Borders, Corporations, Race, and Ubuntu…
  12. Dispatch from the slaughterhouse

Emanuel Goldstein

Everyone who reads knows that historians who specialize in the twentieth-century totalitarian regimes are split on whether the new so-called populism of the once-and-future American dictator, and autocrats like him such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, is properly deemed “fascism” or not. Most say no, because their profession is given to a praiseworthy caution and a demand for evidence in drawing conclusions. But there are those moments when you don’t need to have a doctorate in history — or numbers burned into your arm — to be alarmed. Like in 2016 when the white mob in Alabama, led by a woman whose eyes are bugging out of her head with excitement, tries to touch the dictator. Someone holds up a sign: THANK YOU JESUS FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. At another rally that same year, he asks his followers to hold up their arms and swear allegiance…

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