The destructive man and our duty as Christians

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When God created the universe He placed man into a beautiful garden (the Garden of Eden or Gan Eden). It was a paradise where everything was ordered and lived peacefully.

At a point, when the man could enjoy all those beautiful things around him, the man started doubting God’s integrity and thought God was holding back something for him. The first human being made then a terrible mistake and did not want to believe what God had told them, not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and from Tree of life and death.

The thirst for more or the desire to be able to do more and to have more killed the first people, who made the mistake of not listening to their Creator God and not following His commandments.

Their act of disobedience brought calamity not only to themselves but also to their entire environment, as their sinful act caused them and their descendants to be burdened with obligations, such as providing food.

They had not yet forgotten how God, the Creator, had asked them to take care of the earth. They had also been given the opportunity to name everything, which they did, and to manage everything well, which they became less and less capable of doing over the years.

In maintaining good relations with humans and animals, man’s ability to do so diminished over the years, and the living relationship between humans, animals and plants became disordered, with man causing unprecedented damage to his environment through his continued selfishness.

Many centuries later, we are now dealing with the consequences of many years of carelessness and disrespect for the laws of nature or natural law. Already in the 4th century before our common era Aristotle (384–322 bce) tried to convince people that what was “just by nature” was not always the same as what was “just by law.” He pointed out that there was a natural justice valid everywhere with the same force and “not existing by people’s thinking this or that,” and that appeal could be made to it from positive law.

In Greek and Roman antiquity the thinkers found that man had to look for a solution to place himself in the surroundings. For them, the goal of all inquiry was to provide a mode of conduct characterized by the tranquillity of mind and certainty of moral worth.

Over the years, there came a distortion in that moral worth and in ethics, having now humanity where there is not really good moral conduct and ethical rules the majority want to follow.

Man got to hear the Logos, the Word of God, Him providing man also with logos or a way of reasoning and way of expressing himself. The Stoics conceived of an entirely egalitarian law of nature in conformity with the logos (reason) inherent in the human mind.

Today, we can ask ourselves to what extent people are prepared to reason with integrity about the way they want to or are going to deal with their pastures.

It may even be incomprehensible how there are still people today who do not want to see how mankind has disrupted nature and is even further destroying it.

Especially in the country where many people shout ‘MAGA‘ (Make America Great Again), we find a lot of climate deniers, who just portray everything as ‘fake news‘ and as nonsense with which the government wants to keep the population under control.
Even though the world has been plagued by extreme natural phenomena for several years, there are many people who do not want to open their eyes to see what is really going wrong in our natural system.

Though many messages of droughts, wildfires, but also crumbling glaciers and floods regularly reach the news, it seems to go one ear in and the other out. We notice also that compared to other news, the reporting of natural disasters and hazards does not receive as much attention as other news events.

As German media DW recently pointed out:

On any given day of the average 38 stories on their home page, only one or two are about climate change.

What is true for DW is true for any other major media outlet – and DW is no climate denier, far from it, it actively supports the fight against climate change, including through a special series of videos available on Youtube, the Planet A series focused on sustainability and climate change issues. {Why Nobody Wants to Listen to Climate News}

But we should not be deceived by the lack of proclamation of the disturbances in the pastures. The world’s events in terms of natural phenomena and natural disasters must not escape our notice, and for those who do not want to see what is going on, there must be people who pull away the smokescreens and dare to put their finger on the wounds.

That is where the role of a Christian comes in; for one of God’s orders was to take care of nature. And man has certainly failed to do so in recent years.
When it comes to dealing with the inconvenient truth of our climate crisis and the threat to life as we know it on Planet Earth today, it is up to Christians to break the silence.

Since the 1980ies many scientists warned about the consequences if we were not going to change our way life. They warned for our unrestrained use of plastics, fertilisers and insecticides and several artificial nutrients, plus the decline in the cost of clean energy, carbon pollution which is still increasing and the world heating up as fast as ever.

The experts shouted:

“Climate change is a threat to human well-being and the health of the planet. Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a livable future.”

Or as U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres put it after an IPCC report on the mitigation of climate change:

“Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”

But the majority of the population likes to wallow in the luxuries this world has to offer, without worrying too much, or asking questions about how long it can go on like this.

For these reasons, priests, ministers and preachers must assume their responsibilities and warn their communities of their duty to care for Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

The pastor of Bayou Blue Presbyterian Church in Gray, Louisiana, and a former professor of environmental planning at the University of New Orleans took to action already and say

“It’s saving what we know that’s going to be destroyed from both the change of the heat and the rising of the water,”



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