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The Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine helping Jews to celebrate Hanukkah

These days with the lighting of the menorah, one can think of the hope that the Most High provides for His People. This gives extra courage to persevere and face the dark days full of hope and awareness that there will (one day) be an end.

The Guardian looking at the headlights for the last week of June 2022

One of the questions at the end of June was: How will women’s physical, emotional and financial wellbeing fare in a nation with a maternal mortality crisis, sky-high health costs and a tattered social safety net?

The Telegraph looking at the 5th week of June

The last week of June looked at by the Telegraph.

Kremenchuk Russian blot

The industrial city Kremenchuk was once more attacked by the Russians who continue to terrorise the Ukrainian citizens, by aiming at civilian tagets.