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Begin April 2023 Russia and Kremlin actions

The First World War tactic helping Kyiv Germany rules out any further weapons deliveries to Ukraine Woman ‘confesses’ to delivering bomb to slain Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky The woman suspected of assassinating a Kremlin propagandist has apparently confessed to delivering a bomb hidden inside a statuette, as her husband claimed the 26-year-old was “set up”Continue reading “Begin April 2023 Russia and Kremlin actions”

The Guardian’s view on Ukraine for the second half of April 2022

Overview of events in and around Ukraine for the second half of April 2022

Ukraine’s week of 2022 March 21-27 in view

Looking at what is going on in Ukraine, day by day, at the end of March, after one month of war.

Ministries Evacuate as Russians Reach Irpin, the Evangelical Hub of Ukraine

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s “evangelical patriarch” Gregory Kommendant invited Christian ministries to join him in his hometown, 16 miles northwest of the capital, where he served as president of the All-Ukraine Baptist Union.

Ukraine From March the 4th up to now

From the 9th day of the invasion by the Russians of Ukraine, up to day 15 of the Russian invasion

The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: 40-mile-long Russian army convoy nears Kyiv, satellite images show Convoy north of Ukraine capital has more doubled in length, images suggest; ICC prosecutor to open possible war crimes inquiry; Kharkiv civilians ‘massacred’, says mayor ‘We will never forgive Russia’ / ‘Horrendous’ rocket attack kills Kharkiv civilians UK business / British firmsContinue reading “The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian”