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New York Times view for 2022 August 29 – September 04

By Amelia Nierenberg Writer, Briefings August 29 We’re covering artillery strikes near a nuclear plant in Ukraine and a political scandal in Finland. Shelling around the Zaporizhzhia power plant has raised fears of a catastrophic nuclear accident.David Guttenfelder for The New York Times Attacks near Ukraine nuclear plant intensify Russian artillery strikes continued near theContinue reading “New York Times view for 2022 August 29 – September 04”

Balance of power in the first week of August 2022

August 01 There was some rare good news out of Ukraine today when a vessel loaded with 26,000 tons of corn left the port of Odesa — the first legal shipment of grain since Russia’s invasion began in late February. It’s a small step but potentially significant for some of the world’s poorest countries asContinue reading “Balance of power in the first week of August 2022”

The Telegraph’s Weekly view 2022 May 7-13

May 08 Live – Russia-Ukraine latest news: Vladimir Putin could dig in like a ‘cancerous growth’ in Ukraine, Ben Wallace warns SNP abandons census deadline after a quarter of Scots fail to respond Volodymyr Zelensky refused to be evacuated from Kyiv as Russian hitmen parachuted into capital May 09 Drones the new snipers of UkraineContinue reading “The Telegraph’s Weekly view 2022 May 7-13”

Cold War over and back again to bring a war in Ukraine as the end of the liberal world order

Rather than a distressing violation of the post-Cold War norm, the Russian invasion of Ukraine that started at the end of February 2022, feels like a decisive end to the era that Bush proclaimed on the White House Lawn.

USSR – USA – Cold-, Hot Wars and memorandi

We can see that despite the impressive language they often deploy, international agreements don’t really have the force of law.

31 years ago also facing a world threat

31 years ago the world got to see the first major international crisis of the post-Cold War era, and the U.S.-led response would set important precedents for the use of military force over subsequent decades.

Countries around the world urging their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately

The world might see that a conflict in East Europe, with a possible invasion of Ukraine, could come to cause a chain reaction that ultimately leads to a Russian invasion of Israel by Gog (Russian ruler) “of the land of Magog”

A country willing to stand tall against any invasion

Tensions around Ukraine are mounting day by day. The former Soviet republic is seeking rapprochement with the West and would like to join NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to avoid this at all costs and has sent more than 100.000 soldiers to the border region. The spokesman for Joe Biden said that though RussiaContinue reading “A country willing to stand tall against any invasion”

A Brief Look at NATO and Russia’s Push to Reform the Old Soviet Union

Originally posted on Looking for the Blessed Hope:
For those old enough to remember the cold war with Russia, many of the details have likely been forgotten. For those born after those tenuous days (or too young to know what was happening), the growing tension with the Red Bear is likely new territory. So, let’s…

2022 Political hotchpotch

The people in Ukraine and Russia have grown weary of the political poker game being played with their futures.