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Get started This Day In History (March 14-1990): Mikhail Gorbachev elected president of the Soviet Union

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Editors. The Congress of People’s Deputies elects General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev as the new president of the Soviet Union. While the election was a victory for Gorbachev, it also revealed serious weaknesses in his power base that would eventually lead to the collapse of his presidency in…

Croatia: The Glamorization of Fascism

Originally posted on Red October Goth:
Croatian-Australians marching in Sydney waving flags of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and portraits of Ustasha-lover Franjo Tudjman. “If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Führer, to police our marshes. The Croats are a proud people…The…

31 years ago also facing a world threat

31 years ago the world got to see the first major international crisis of the post-Cold War era, and the U.S.-led response would set important precedents for the use of military force over subsequent decades.

Veranderend groot lappendeken

Naar aanleiding van voorgaande post en kijkend naar de publicatie van Gregor MacMinto op zijn WordPress site “In the Past and the Present” wil ik even voor leggen hoe wij naar die alsmaar veranderende wereld kunnen kijken. Als wij de landkaarten die in het verleden al gepubliceerd zijn, kunnen wij de grote veranderingen zien, maarContinue reading “Veranderend groot lappendeken”

Gradual decline by American Christians

When we see documentaries about the North American people we get a picture that they are ‘very religious’. Christianity, which was once shared by a majority of Americans, has seen a gradual decline as fewer people hold to the core tenets of the faith. The latest research by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona ChristianContinue reading “Gradual decline by American Christians”