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The Observer end of July 2022 overview

Hi all, Truly can’t imagine a hotter summer. With heat waves in Europe, an ever changing political sphere, and wars still ongoing abroad, it’s a surreal time to be alive. No one can deny that yet we still find ourselves time and time again drawn back to art of all kinds. We make sense ofContinue reading “The Observer end of July 2022 overview”

Down to earth’s composted reads for the heatwave period

The extreme heat we’re experiencing globally has no precedent

The Week 2022 July 11- July 17

July 11 Leaked Uber files suggest company used covert tech to thwart raids Leaked documents suggest Uber used a “kill switch” and other covert technology to prevent European regulators from examining the ride-hailing company’s business practices as it challenged taxi services around the world, according to more than 124,000 documents known as the Uber filesContinue reading “The Week 2022 July 11- July 17”

The Independent Climate Newsletter for the Summer of 2022

  A man checks his phone as he walks through the heat in St James’s Park, London (Getty Images) Summer is definitely on its way, and with it, dangerous heat. Around the northern hemisphere things are heating up even though summer is yet to officially start.   Here in the UK, we’re in the gripContinue reading “The Independent Climate Newsletter for the Summer of 2022”

Holiday tolerance

Young bracken on dry heath to the northwest of Ferny Crofts, New Forest – – 468933 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Summertime is for many an easy time. It is time for taking a longer holiday and to relax and to forget all about work. Holiday time is also time to make use of going placesContinue reading “Holiday tolerance”