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The Guardian looking at the first week of August

The Guardian looks at women footballers and at researchers that warn that climate breakdown could exacerbate or trigger other catastrophic risks, plus further events for the first week of August 2022.

The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August

August 01 Queen hails ‘inspiration’ as Lionesses make history The Queen hailed England’s women footballers as “an inspiration for future generations” after they thrilled the country with an epic victory in the final of Euro 2022. The Lionesses’ 2-1 win over Germany, after a near-perfect run to the final, was watched at Wembley Stadium andContinue reading “The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August”

Looking at behaviourism of living beings

Eminent scientist and writer Edward O Wilson has passed away on Boxing Day 2021. With Sound Eagle we look at one of his theories of human behaviour.

The Principles of Communism – Friedrich Engels

Originally posted on Lyle Hausman:
1. What is communism? Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat. 2. What is the proletariat? The proletariat is that class in society which lives entirely from the sale of its labor and does not draw profit from any kind of capital, whose sole…

New coronavirus measures having come into force

The necessity of stronger measures to avoid more people entering the hospital, has now children from 6 years onwards to wear mouth masks.

The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews

Although current debates on multiculturalism in Europe often focus on Islam and Muslims, there also are long-standing Jewish communities in many Western European countries. The Pew Research Center survey finds Christians at all levels of religious observance are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults to say they would not be willing to accept Jews inContinue reading “The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews”

Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund UK : Report for 2015

Christadelphian Hall – Town Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia) For Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund UK, the international family of charities founded by the Christadelphians, it looks like 2015 has been a challenging year, with income relatively low through the year until December. Their total income rose eventually to 666,659 pounds, which was below their longContinue reading “Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund UK : Report for 2015”