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Croatia: The Glamorization of Fascism

Croatia, fascism

To remember

  • Croats = proud people… keen on not being regarded as Slavs => descended from the Goths. {Adolf Hitler, 1941}
  • WWII Ustashi, Balli Kombëtar (National Front), + Chetniks collaborated with the Nazis helping them slaughter Jews, Gypsies, and other minorities
  • Europe’s only Nazi collaborationist regime Ustashi ran notorious Jasenovac death camp “notorious for its barbaric practices + large number of victims” = prisoners primarily murdered with use of knives, hammers, axes or shot => over 1 million Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, + Croat anti-fascists killed,
  • ratlines which aided the escape of Ustaše war criminals from Europe => Ante Pavelić slip through disguised as Catholic priest with help of the Vatican through Ustasha priest Krunoslav Draganović (a protégé of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, the spiritual leader of the Ustashe regime who was recently canonized as a saint by Pope Francis I) before sending him to Argentina where he became involved in the country’s politics and help found Ustasha terrorists groups with other Croatian exile war criminals.
  • 1991 imperialism rejoicing over “death of Communism” + “triumph of democracy.”
  • 1991 hardline Stalinists glasnost without perestroika program pulled back tanks from Supreme Soviet in Moscow => born-again capitalist Boris Yeltsin to proclaim victory.
  • deformed workers states had fallen to capitalist counter-revolution save Albania, Mongolia, and the five remaining ones Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, + Laos.
  • 4 decades of Stalinism fueled by 20 years of “market socialism” => potent centrifugal forces exploded into nationalist programs carrying foul stench of fascism => sectarian wars +  economic devastation.
  • triumph of “democracy” in Yugoslavia => shooting war in Croatia between rebel Serbian nationalists + Croatian fascist militias carrying on the legacy of the Ustashi (Ustaša) during World War II who collaborated with the Nazis. (Ustaša /
    Ustaše symbol.svg
    Ustaša – Croatian Revolutionary Movement = Ustaša – Hrvatski revolucionarni pokret

    ruling Independent State of Croatia during World War II.

  • ten-day war in Slovenia, followed by three-sided blood feud in Bosnia, bloody war in Kosovo, brief war in Serbia’s Preševo Valley, and a ten-month insurgency in Macedonia
  • Ustashi war criminals such as Ivo Rojnica and Vinko Nikolić returned to Croatia => hero’s welcome.
  • New capitalist political parties formed = fascistic Croatian National Union led by Franjo Tudjman, an ex-Partisan turned Ustasha-lover; the Serbian Democratic Party (founded by opposition leader Zoran Djindjić + Vojislav Koštunica) +  Serbian Renewal Movement who stood to resurrect the monarcho-fascist Chetniks, + Islamic reactionary Party of Democratic Action in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    [Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak + Party of Democratic Action (political party, Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
  • 1981 death of Josip Broz Tito > Yugoslav workers state only existed on paper + was represented by a virtually powerless rotating federal leadership
  • 1981 Stalinist bureaucracy began to fracture along ethnic lines.
  • Emblem of the SKJ.svg1990 ruling League of Communists of Yugoslavia (LCY) (founding and ruling party of SFR Yugoslavia = first communist party in power in history of the Eastern Bloc that openly opposed the Soviet Union) formally dissolved => each individual branch in the republics morphed into pro-capitalist social-democratic parties as the new nationalist parties were founded.
  • Serbian Stalinist Slobodan Milošević =  endorsing Serbian nationalism in Kosovo, Serbia’s 90% Albanian region + instigator of counter-revolution in Yugoslavia = “Anti-bureaucratic Revolution” of 1988-89 > embroiled Serbia in series of conflicts with successor Balkan states. Served as president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1997 – 2000).
  • Serb nationalists in their old army caps marched in Kosovo chanting “Death to All Albanian Nationalists!”
  • mixed Vojvodina and Montenegro, they chanted “one state, one army, one language.”
  • => dissolution League of Communists
  • since the country divided by Soviets & Allied imperialists after World War II > 1990 capitalist reunification of Germany revitalized German imperialism
  • Berlin saw juicy opportunity to reassert its domination in the Balkans
  • Sovenia + Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia => Fourth Reich leadership Helmut Kohl + his foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher steamrolled recognition that resulted in  bloody breakup of the Yugoslav workers state.
  • Germany supported secessionists in Croatia + Slovenia
  • restoration of capitalism, reunification of Germany, + collapse of the USSR
  • Turkey supported Bosnia’s secession with its Muslim majority.
  • Greece + Bulgaria laid claim to Macedonia
  • Hungary had not renounced claim over Vojvodina (north Serbia)
  • 2013-2014, Obama funded + engineered Euromaidan (Ukraine) => unseated corrupt Moscow-leaning government of Viktor Yanukovych, > movement spearheaded by country’s neo-Nazis Logo of the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom".svg + Right Sector, (standing in tradition of Ukrainian Insurgent Army + SS-Galician Division
  • 2016 election of openly racist bigot Donald Trump fueled the fascists in America.
  • uncoated reality of America
  • From beginning of Cold War under both Republicans + Democrats, CIA recruited many Nazi war criminals into its ranks for U.S war drive against Soviet Union > Gen. Reinhard GehlenKlaus Barbie Butcher of Lyons, Paul Dickopf, Eugen Steimle, + a.o..
  • West German government until perhaps the 80’s infested with Nazis including Kurt Kiesinger,
  • United Nations, bastion of “human rights and democracy” was once chaired by Austrian Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim for an entire decade.
  • Cold War against China > After victory of Chinese Revolution 1949, CIA extended  recruitment to Japanese war criminals such as Col. Masanobu Tsuji, Col. Takushiro Hattori, and other close to Gen. Hideki Tojo involved in carnage in China + elsewhere in Asia.
  • 1970s and ’80s Ex-Nazis + neo-fascists useful in CIA’s Operation: Condor in aiding the U.S-backed dictators of South America + South American military governments, eliminating left-wing opponents => killing leftists + dissidents as well as training death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala.
  • Croatian Liberation Movement formed in Buenos Aires by Ante Pavelić worked with  Argentine secret police SIDE (Secretaría de Inteligencia) and the Argentine Anti-communist Alliance death squads torturing + killing leftists.
  • 1980’s Ustashi involved in SIDE’s operation in Central America alongside CIA training death squads + Contra terrorists.
  •  1991-1993 Chetnik groups from Serbia including Arkan’s Tigers crossed into Bosnia from Croatia to bolster the Bosnian-Serbs.
  • 1994-1995 Ante Gotovina + Croatian Army > 3 major offensives against Serbian forces in Bosnia & Croatia + invaded Serbian Krajina (codenamed Operation: Storm planned by Zagreb)
  • Marxists took no side in sectarian nationalist blood feuds in either Croatia or Bosnia

Red October Goth

Croatian-Australians marching in Sydney waving flags of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and portraits of Ustasha-lover Franjo Tudjman.

“If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Führer, to police our marshes. The Croats are a proud people…The Croats are very keen on not being regarded as Slavs. According to them, they’re descended from the Goths. The fact that they speak a Slav language is only an accident, they say.”
–Adolf Hitler, 1941; (a notion still carried by Croatian nationalists to this day.)

30 years ago, imperialism was rejoicing over the “death of Communism” and the “triumph of democracy.” In August 1991 the hardline Stalinists with their glasnost without perestroika program pulled back the tanks from the Supreme Soviet in Moscow allowing the born-again capitalist Boris Yeltsin to proclaim victory. What followed was Yeltsin that Christmas Day killing the…

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