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About Human Nature

Theories about the nature of humankind form a part of every culture. While the class structures imposed on the different societies may not have been desirable per se, they were in a sense necessary for society to keep progressing.

All that is solid still melts into air.

Originally posted on Pratik is Typing:
The Communist Manifesto is an embarrassing first choice for reviews. For all the studying about Marx during college, I managed to dodge this one. To top that, I ended up buying a copy published by a behemoth embroiled in an anti-trust case. Written as a practical and theoretical tract…

Economic pain for all or for the poorer majority

We can not allow the capitalist governments and central banks in Europe to follow the US Fed’s lead in willing to throw the economy into a recession, destroying millions of more jobs.

Entering 2022 still Aiming for a society without exploitation or oppression

At the beginning of 2022, I look at social justice and the way I try to reach people to aim for a better society.

Economy of Galilee in the time of Jesus

Neil Godfrey looks at the great wealth and large estates in the time of Jesus and writes that the presence of large estates in Lower Galilee is crucial for understanding the society in the early decades of the first century because their existence implies exploitation and dispossession of the small farmers and labourers. If they did notContinue reading “Economy of Galilee in the time of Jesus”