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2022 towards its end

It seems like 2022 is only a few months away, but 11 months have already passed. In those months, the world faced some hot moments, with an upcoming Third World War lurking behind the door. Fortunately, most politicians were smart enough to keep away from red buttons and not jump in too quickly on theContinue reading “2022 towards its end”

Is er wel belang voor persoverzichten – of Krijgt frustratie mij klein

Opzet van deze site was gratis een overzicht van boeiende gebeurtenissen aan te kaarten en een variatie van uiteenlopende nieuwsartikelen voor te leggen. Maar wegens de zeer lage interesse voor die overzichtsartikelen van krantenberichten twijfel ik er aan of het nog wel nuttig is er zo veel tijd aan te besteden.

Don’t Just Log Out. Deactivate Facebook

Originally posted on Steve Dustcircle: Okay, so I did it. It wasn’t as hard for me as it is for others, but I snipped it. I cut it. I pulled the plug. I broke up with Mark Zuckerberg. Some friends might have known that I was toying with the idea for awhile, but…

Entering 2022 still Aiming for a society without exploitation or oppression

At the beginning of 2022, I look at social justice and the way I try to reach people to aim for a better society.

“Enige Kijk op de wereld” om kerk te doen groeien door getuigenis

Op 24 november 2005 creëerde ik een praatgroep (op MSN) welke zou uitgroeien tot de website “Christadelphian world” op Multiply. Na enkele jaren veranderde Multiply haar doelstellingen en gaf het haar groepen op, zodat ik naar een andere oplossing moest zoeken. Voor alle veiligheid, om al de gemaakte artikelen niet te verliezen, plaatste ik hetContinue reading ““Enige Kijk op de wereld” om kerk te doen groeien door getuigenis”

Our World on Blogger coming to its end

Since a few months, there seem to be problems with Blogger, making it not practical to open articles via tags. Also opening the home page takes on several browsers too much time. Even reducing the home page to only 5 articles did not bring a solution. From 2021 September 25 I shall provide the articlesContinue reading “Our World on Blogger coming to its end”

Blogger seems too slow to be practical

For some time now the Blogger site does not want to load fast. I searched for answers and tried several things. Nothing seemed to make the site working faster. My usual browser is Firefox. There “Our World” takes ages. In Google Chrome as well as in Edge it also goes very slow. Also for creatingContinue reading “Blogger seems too slow to be practical”