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Oh! The startling wave of pellucid blue,How caressed the face, the breeze, along which hair and you too flew.How it wafted teasing the land,Turning oysters and carving creatures on the sand.But, alas!Placid blue can rush ruthless on life,Even the gentle breeze can gust wild.The blue may shed the calm,The…

All that is solid still melts into air.

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The Communist Manifesto is an embarrassing first choice for reviews. For all the studying about Marx during college, I managed to dodge this one. To top that, I ended up buying a copy published by a behemoth embroiled in an anti-trust case. Written as a practical and theoretical tract…

Fighting for justice for LGBT+ families in Russia

Yulja Tsvetkova got labeld as a “foreign agent” and has been charged with violating the Russian “gay propaganda” law, fined 50,000 rubles (around 800 USD / 722 €), and put under house arrest for sharing drawings promoting inclusivity on social media.   15 July 2022: After over 3 years of persecution from Russian authorities justContinue reading “Fighting for justice for LGBT+ families in Russia”

Putin and Xi form a new axis against Nato

As the West shores up their own strategies as conflict looms so is the East. Russia has turned to China to request its backing. President Xi has given his support to Putin’s demands and promised to defend each other’s interests against America.

Living and Loving Faithfully

A Response to the Church of England’s Document and Discourse on Sexuality, Marriage and Gender. New Testament Marriage, Blessings & Covenants: This year, in England and Wales at least, the ‘Gay Marriage‘ controversy has been hitting the headlines again, especially in recent weeks, with the Church in Wales performing its first service of blessing for aContinue reading “Living and Loving Faithfully”

Prayer on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

    Dear God, today our thoughts go especially to the many girls and women in this world who face inequality, but worse, violence towards them. … Give these women the courage to speak out about any unlawful act against them so that such unacceptable behaviour may also be punished. We pray, above all, forContinue reading “Prayer on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – with orange for a brighter future

Too often people forget that we have to come to a world where everybody, male and female, is respected and regarded on equal grounds. We are all human beings as one body, and violence, even against one person, affects the whole of human society. But at the moment in still too many countries the women are second cast and used as an object.

Messages leading to an earthly utopia

Dreams and reading a Book of books My whole life, I had lots of dreams of a better world. All the suffering I and other people had to undergo would be finished. Could that be possible? By reading the Bible, going through it from beginning to end, more than once, comparing it to historical facts,Continue reading “Messages leading to an earthly utopia”

My faith and hope

I would love if we all could come to see it possible that in this world where there is so much sorrow and pain that we could find people willing to help each other and loving all those around them. It would be nice if we could find growing communities where more people would liveContinue reading “My faith and hope”

The 17th annual White Privilege Conference a militantly Christophobic conference held in Philadelphia

A simplified chart of historical developments of major groups within Christianity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) From April 15 to 17 the 17th annual White Privilege Conference was held in Philadelphia. Activist and author Paul Kivel identified three particularly severe problems in the modern world that are caused or worsened by Christianity. I could agree with hisContinue reading “The 17th annual White Privilege Conference a militantly Christophobic conference held in Philadelphia”