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Croatia: The Glamorization of Fascism

Originally posted on Red October Goth:
Croatian-Australians marching in Sydney waving flags of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and portraits of Ustasha-lover Franjo Tudjman. “If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Führer, to police our marshes. The Croats are a proud people…The…

Kyiv-Classic Symphony Orchestra playing an impromptu concert

On Wednesday March 9 2022 the Kyiv-Classic Symphony Orchestra gathered in the capital’s downtown area to play an impromptu concert. Under the enthusiastic tutelage of conductor Herman Makarenko, who is also the conductor of Ukraine’s national ballet and opera ensemble, they played the Ukrainian national anthem and several other numbers. Luckily, air raid sirens didContinue reading “Kyiv-Classic Symphony Orchestra playing an impromptu concert”

The one who claimed he was not planning an invasion in Ukraine

For months, the Russian President deceived the world by saying that he did not want to invade Ukraine. Today, however, on 24 February 2022, he has implemented his war plans.

Russian take-over of Crimea

The Ukrainian capital, Kiev, erupted in violent demonstrations and street clashes in late January, culminating with the removal by Parliament of President Viktor Yanukovych. Tensions mounted in the Crimea region, where additional Russian troops and armoured vehicles were reportedly deployed.   Ukrainian Presidential Election October 2004 – Viktor Yanukovych (First Round) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) TheContinue reading “Russian take-over of Crimea”