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The decline of religion in the US continues unabated

The Pew survey of December 2021 under the magnifying glass.

Is religion like a physical trait

Some people unrighteously regard religion as a physical trait because they do not see the real purpose of those who try to bring their power over others and who are not afraid to use violence to do so.

The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews

Although current debates on multiculturalism in Europe often focus on Islam and Muslims, there also are long-standing Jewish communities in many Western European countries. The Pew Research Center survey finds Christians at all levels of religious observance are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults to say they would not be willing to accept Jews inContinue reading “The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews”

500 Years of Reformation Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency

After 500 Years, Reformation-Era Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency Theological differences diminished to a degree that might have shocked Christians in past centuries. As Protestants prepare to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, new Pew Research Center surveys show that in both Western Europe and the United States, the theological differences thatContinue reading “500 Years of Reformation Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency”

Anti-church movements and Humanism

Diderot the man who brought the encyclopaedia as work-instrument for free thought In history the followers of the Nazarene Jew Jeshua found many times that people opposed them, came with false teachings, luring people in false organisations, trying to get them away from synagogue and ecclesia, creating a anti-church movement. To get some anti-church reactionContinue reading “Anti-church movements and Humanism”

Are you religious, spiritual, or do you belong to a religion, having a faith or interfaith

Many people today feel they have stepped away from religion, and found a way to feed their spirituality without a religion or faith practice.   Religion and its contribution to culture of peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many practice ‘out of religion’ activities and are convinced they have nothing to do with ‘a religion’. But….If theyContinue reading “Are you religious, spiritual, or do you belong to a religion, having a faith or interfaith”

Who Celebrates Easter as Religious Holiday

The 2010 study by the Barna Group which explored Americans’ definition of the Easter holiday. (See: Eostre, Easter, White god, chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and metaphorical resurrection) They asked a nationwide, representative sample of American adults how they would describe what Easter means to them, personally. Icon of the Resurrection (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Interestingly, thoseContinue reading “Who Celebrates Easter as Religious Holiday”

What is life?

What is life? Our answer to this question will, to some extent, depend on what is on our mind when we are asked. Life has physical, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects and each of these will have an influence on our answer. Think about it for a moment. What does it mean to you, rightContinue reading “What is life?”