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Is religion like a physical trait

Some people unrighteously regard religion as a physical trait because they do not see the real purpose of those who try to bring their power over others and who are not afraid to use violence to do so.

Prayer Bible verses to help us to get a deeper conversation with God

Many people consider Jesus to be God and as such Jesus praying to himself. Though Jesus did not pray to himself but to his heavenly Father which he considered being greater than Him. Jesus very well knew he could not do much without his heavenly Father. Consider the two scriptures that follow, as they relateContinue reading “Prayer Bible verses to help us to get a deeper conversation with God”

Disciple of Christ counting lives and friends dear to them

We can have a look at Paul’s letter to the Romans and see how the Bible should be the source of our inspiration and working on it so that as many as possible can come under the spirit of God His Son.

A Living Faith #9 Our Manner of Life

A LIVING FAITH Our Manner of Life Previous: A Living Faith #8 Change   When we consider the great price that has been paid for us and the great love extended towards us, really it is very reasonable matter that we are asked to respond to that love. If we truly do love the LordContinue reading “A Living Faith #9 Our Manner of Life”

A Living Faith #2 State of your faith

A LIVING FAITH What is the state of your faith? Previous: A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for Faith is a very personal thing and the true state of a person’s faith can only be judged by God. It is impossible to hide our true feelings from Him for He knows our innermostContinue reading “A Living Faith #2 State of your faith”